Monthly Wrap Up: August 2011

I think if there is one thing evidenced in my monthly wrap ups, it is the fact that I am consistent.  I can pretty much guess the number of books I have read in a given month because it is always the same!

In August, I read 8 books. 1 book was non fiction, 1 book was YA, 2 books were mysteries and the remaining 4 books were literary fiction.

Here is what I read:

Love Child, by Sheila Kohler

The Poisoner’s Handbook, by Deborah Blum

In Search of the Rose Notes, by Emily Arsenault

The Autobiography of Mrs Tom Thumb, by Melanie Benjamin

The Uncoupling, by Meg Wolitzer

The Most Dangerous Thing, by Laura Lippman

In Trouble, by Ellen Levine (review coming soon)

The Art of Losing, by Rebecca Connell (review coming soon)

My favorite book of the month was . . .











An honorable mention goes to The Autobiography of Mrs Tom Thumb!

Europa Challenge:

The only challenge I participated in during August was the Europa challenge.  The official blog for that challenge can be found here. I have made it very clear recently that I suck at challenges, and I therefore dropped every single challenge I was participating in.  I decided to participate in the Europa challenge anyway because Europa Editions is one of my favorite publishers, and I have slowly but surely been acquiring Europa books for my collection.

During August, I read one book for this challenge: The Art of Losing, by Rebecca Connell. It was phenomenal and has whetted my appetite for more Europas.  I also purchased one Europa in August: Cecilia, by Linda Ferri.

Plans for September:

I only have one plan for September, and that is the RIP challenge. It is my favorite challenge of the year and the only one where I go above and beyond the requirements.  I signed up for Peril in the First, which is to read at least four applicable books between now and October 31.  I generally read at least double that during RIP, so I am hoping to read at least four RIP books during September alone.

So there you have it–my monthly wrap up.  How do my numbers compare to yours?  What are your plans for September?

8 Responses

  1. Dang, 8 books a month! I’m lucky if I get through 2. What do you plan on reading for RIP?

  2. I’ve been wanting to read the Tom Thumb’s Wife novel…but I can see from the cover alone why you liked the Europa novel The Art of Losing. I’m looking forward to sharing some great RIP reads with you, and others, during Carl’s great challenge.

  3. I’ll look forward to your review of In Trouble. I just bought that one for my library- it looked really fascinating. There are a lot of books involving teen pregnancy right now, but that’s the only one I’ve seen that addresses the subject from a historical perspective. I’m curious to read it!

  4. 2 books a week is a fantastic reading month!

  5. It’s nice to be consistent! My reading seems like it’s been all over the map lately. August was a slow reading month for me, but I think the mojo is coming back in September. Looks like a great reading month, overall.

  6. Have read bits of “..Tom Thumb..” and waiting for my book to come in, now! Looking forward to the read.
    I’m also in the Perils VI Challenge. I’m reading “The Lantern” for the group read. What are you reading?


  7. wonderful mix over the month lola ,all the best stu

  8. I’m listening to The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb on audio right now – it’s brilliant!

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