My name is Stephanie and I am a 30 something from Columbus, Ohio. My favorite place to enjoy a good book is in a long, hot bath.

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  1. Thanks so much for the great review of AFTER! I’m glad that you stuck w/ it even though you didn’t think you’d ever be able to empathize w/ Devon.

    ~Amy Efaw

  2. Me too! Hoorah for us!

  3. A wonderful little book for people who love books is,
    “84 Charing Cross Road” by Helene Hanff. It contains the letters she, a writer in Manhattan, exchanged with an antiquarian bookseller in London. Sounds dull you think? You’ll have tears in your eyes at the end of the hour it takes you to read it. I promise.

  4. Stephanie, I too am a book lover. I like biographies, auto-biog. Nothing I like better after a good days work, to retire in a comfortable with a book and read till my hearts content. I gave a lot of time reading the about the war in the Pacific. WWII. Many times I will go to the Library and order books that I read more than sixty years ago. You have a good web-site. I don’t have to go any further to find anyone who loves to read books. I own so many books that I had to build shelfs in my basement to hold them all.

  5. Dear Lola,

    My name is Gigi, and I really enjoy Reviews by Lola Great books! I’m writing today to let you know that I am working with debut novelist Maria Semple to help get the word out about the sparkling new paperback edition of THIS ONE IS MINE, praised for the way it “beautifully renders the twists and turns an overburdened heart can take,” by The Los Angeles Times.

    Here’s her website for more information: http://www.mariasemple.com

    We’d love to send you a copy if you’re interested. It would be great if you could post your review in March or April.

    Very best,

  6. HEY!

    I love your website, but I have a reccomendation for you, “Every Thug Needs a Lady”. Remember, don’t judge a book by its cover!!!

    love you!

  7. I hope you will check out my new book blog site and become a follower:

  8. Hi!

    I found your blog very interesting today! Glad that I stumbled upon it. I am working with a client that your readers may be interested in. Shoot me a quick Email if you would like to discuss this opportunity further.


  9. Stephanie— I’ve been really enjoying browsing around your site since linking to you via RIP V. But I’ve gotta know…and maybe I just missed seeing my answer on here somewhere — where did your blog name came from? Lola??

    PS I also work in a law firm. I think we may be the same person, different bodies. Just sayin:)

    • I’m glad you found my site! I will definitely have to check out yours. The explanation of my blog name is something I have been meaning to add to my”about me” section for quite awhile. It is the name of one of my dogs. I got her when I graduated from high school eight years ago and she is the first pet I got on my own, so she has always been super special to me.

  10. Recently discovered your blog and have been really enjoying it so have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award 🙂

    For more details go to:

  11. Phew, your blog as a whole has me incredibly intimidated. I just started a book review blog a few months ago, but as I can see on yours, you’ve been at it for years.
    I’m really interested to see what you thought of some of the books I’ve read, or if you’ve read any that are on my TBR list.

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