Mailbox Monday PLUS some Birthday Loot!

Admittedly, the books I am about to show you are mostly birthday gifts and NOT books I received in my mailbox, but I figured I would include it all in this post.

First up, my actual mailbox loot.  I only received two books in my mailbox this week but I am super excited about both of them.




Waiting for Robert Capa, by Susana Fortes was sent to me by the publisher for a TLC book tour.  Watch for my review towards the end of the month!

The True Memoirs of Little K, by Adrienne Sharp is September’s choice for Jen and Nicole‘s BOOK CLUB.  The discussion starts September 27!

Now, as far as my birthday goes, I hit the motherlode! My mom came up with a great gift for Christmas 2010.  She took my Borders wishlist and found a bunch of the books for just a few dollars used and then filled up a huge box o’ books for my gift.  Given how much I loved it (it was my favorite gift for sure!), she stole her own idea and redid it for my birthday.

Mrs Craddock, by W Somerset Maugham: I know it looks like it’s upside down BUT the spine is just upside down . . . the book is face up! That’s not even the beginning of the problem.  I noticed a huge issue with this book when I started reading the back of it.  It’s in GERMAN.  My poor mom never noticed! So I won’t be reading this particular edition.

The Other House, by Henry James: This one was another strange edition.  It is in large print! My mom strikes out again . . .

The Raising, by Laura Kasischke: I saw a few reviews of this one and it seemed really good.

The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing, by Melissa Bank: Another one I really wanted to read!

Assassination Vacation, by Sarah Vowell: I JUST finished The Wordy Shipmates . . . and I didn’t really like it.  But I have high hopes that I’ll enjoy this one!

A Curtain Falls, by Stefanie Pintoff: This is the second book in the Simon Ziele series.  I enjoyed the first book, so I went ahead and added this to my wishlist.

The Silver Swan, by Benjamin Black: I didn’t really like Christine Falls BUT I felt like this series had promise, so I want to give it another shot.

Random Family: Love, Drugs, Trouble, and Coming of Age in the Bronx, by Adrian Nicole LeBlanc: I saw this in a recent issue of Bookmarks magazine and wanted to read it.

And then I got all these NYRB books! I didn’t have a single one, but obviously my wishlist was chock full of them!

Summer Will Show, by Sylvia Townsend Warner

Hons and Rebels, by Jessica Mitford

The Dud Avocado, by Elaine Dundy

The Slaves of Solitude, by Patrick Hamilton

Fatale, by Jean-Patrick Manchette

The Fountain Overflows, by Rebecca West

Short Letter, Long Farewell, by Peter Handke

Classic Crimes, by William Roughead

A Meaningful Life, by LJ Davis

Madame de Pompaudour, by Nancy Mitford

LASTLY, I got a cover for my Kindle! I recently saw that Vera Bradley had an e-reader cover so I mentioned it to my mom and she surprised me with one!

Have you read any of these books?  If so, please spill!

Birthday Loot!!

As I mentioned in my last Sunday Salon, Monday was my birthday, and my plans were to go to a local indie bookstore, The Book Loft, and then go to dinner with my family.  As we all know though, even the best laid plans go awry, and I happened to wake up Monday morning with an awful stomach bug.  Oh, the injustice of it!  The virus then proceeded to make its rounds through my household, so we weren’t completely recovered until today.  I finally got my shopping trip today!  Here are the goodies I bought.