BTT: One Question

btt2 Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme that can be found here.

If you could ask your favorite author (alive or dead) one question … who would you ask, and what would the question be?

There is not one specific author that I am dying to sit down and chaat with.  Moreover, I can’t think of one burning question I have.  But if I could choose an author to meet and talk with, these are the ones I would choose.


Jane Austen–I love all of her books and her writing has such a sharp witticism about it.  I am guessing she would have been a lot of fun to talk to.  Margaret_Mitchell.295181639_std

Margaret Mitchell–Gone with the Wind is quite possibly my favorite book ever.  Just meeting the person who wrote such a tome would be enough of a reason for me to want to meet Mitchell.  Plus, there is something so tragic about her, perhaps stemming from the way she died.

John Kennedy Toole:  I love Confederacy of Dunces.  Such a hilarious book and Ignatius is one of my favorite literary characters ever.  I would want to meet Toole for that reason alone.  Plus, Toole’s suicide at a young age adds some intrigue.


Bret Easton Ellis: His writing is so different from anything I have ever read.  I think he would be immensly entertaining.

Augusten Burroughs: He just cracks me up.  I think we would have a grand old time together.  And I’d like to meet Dennis, Bentley and The Cow.

8 Responses

  1. Wow what a glamorous picture of Margaret Mitchell. I agree that Brett Easton Ellis would be pretty interesting to chat to.

  2. I almost said Margaret Mitchell as well. I live in Atlanta, and I would love to know what she thinks of it today.

  3. You choose interesting authors! I would like to know so much more about them!

    Booking Through Questioning the Bard

  4. I too had trouble pinning down a question, but I agree that a converstion with Jane Austen would be entertaining. Unfortunately, under those circumstances, one might be awed into complete speechlessness!

  5. Great choices! Yes, I agree it would be fun to spend an evening with Jane or Margaret. Not so sure about the others, though. I think a question and answer session with JK Toole might have been more than I could handle.

  6. Interesting questions.

    My BTT is HERE

  7. I found CONFEDERACY to be the most frustrating book ever and couldn’t stand Ignatious. After reading AMERICAN PSYCHO I might be afraid to talk to Ellis. Lol

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