In my Mailbox, week of September 27, 2009

imagesI actually had a pretty good week this week–definitely a good amount of books!  I’m just always afraid I’m getting books faster than I can read them.  Which–who am I kidding?–I am!!

First off, I got the following book from my mom to read for next month’s book club meeting.


Of the following three, the first two were sent from publishers and the last one was a book I got through LibraryThing’s Early Reviewer program.




I know there are book bloggers out there who get many more books than I do, so this doesn’t seem like a lot but I am always afraid I’ll wind up with way more books than I can read, so although I would love to get multiple books a day, there’s not enough time to read them all!!

4 Responses

  1. Hey, 4 books in a week is pretty good! I’ve read the first two books you listed and both are fantastic.

  2. The Help was fantastic! I even bought a copy for my mother and she loved it, too. Four books is a great haul for one week – enjoy!

  3. The Help was fantastic – enjoy it! When I poked around a little further I saw you have the audio book for When I Was Engulfed in Flames – I laughed so hard through that book – hearing him read his work is the best way to experience it.

    Thanks for visiting my Mailbox Monday post last week – that was the first time I had participated and I got such a warm welcome!

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