Sunday Salon: 11/13/11

I know Sunday is drawing to a close, so I am a little late, but better late than never.  I worked earlier today so I am just unwinding.  I’ve got some spaghetti and meatballs going right now, and after dinner I just plan to relax and get some reading done.

First off, I have some administrative stuff to take care of.  Namely, the winner fo Cloyne Court.

Congrats Aths from Reading on a Rainy Day!

Please e-mail me your contact info so I can have the book mailed out to you.

So, Sarah Waters fans, I need your opinion.  I have read all of Waters’ books with the exception of The Night Watch.

I read the first 50 pages and just wasn’t wowed.  It seemed to move so slowly and I started to fear that it would be more like The Little Stranger, which I loathed. It was the only Waters book I didn’t love, let alone like.  I am starting to wonder if maybe she should just stick to the Victorian era, which she does so well.  So here’s my question . . . do I stick with The Night Watch or should I admit defeat and move on?

The Sunday Salon: 11/6/11

You may remember my post from just a few days ago about how sick I am.  Well, I’m still sick.  I had to work yesterday and today though, so I have been up and about.  No more resting in bed for me! To be honest, I was getting a bit sick of my bed anyway.

You may also remember that I was lamenting over my inability to focus on my reading during my convalescence too.  The main problem was The Marriage Plot.  Or actually I was the problem.  I just couldn’t be attentive to a more serious book, so after I wrote that post I decided to try a different approach and pick up a book that required a little bit less from me.  The book I settled on was Election, by Tom Perrotta.  It was perfect.  It kept my attention and was fast paced, plus it was pretty short.  It would be a great readathon selection! Once I finished it, I went back to The Marriage Plot, which I am now about half way through.  I hope to carve out some time later in the day to read a good portion of it.

As for the rest of my day, I will be doing a little bit of this and that.  Cleaning the house, going to the grocery.  I am especially excited about the latter because I forgot creamer a few days ago when I went shopping and have spent the last few days using regular, somewhat boring vanilla creamer that my husband bought from CVS.  I LOVE seasonal flavored creamers though (especially peppermint mocha, which is now year round.  woo hoo!)

So yes, I am excited to buy myself some creamer! I am dying to try gingerbread latte and warm cinnamon sugar cookie too! Which seasonal creamers are your favorites?

The Sunday Salon: RIP Wrap Up

This post is going up a bit late because I had to go to my mother and father in law’s house earlier to check out a kitten they found.  They originally wanted me to take the kitten until they were able to find a shelter for her later this week, but by the time I got to their house they had already decided to keep her! She is the snuggliest, friendliest kitten I have ever seen and she slept curled up in my arms forever! She even let me clip her nails with nary a fuss! She’s all black and I think they have decided to name her Jynx.  I wish I thought to take my camera.

Tomorrow is Halloween, but as usual I am not doing anything special.  I still have to get candy for the trick or treaters, and since my stepdaughter will be with her mom, it will just be a quiet night at home for my husband and me.  Maybe I will even finish my book, which will make my total for October 13 books. I usually only read 7-8 a month, but the readathon definitely upped that, not to mention that less hours at work=more reading time!

Meanwhile, tomorrow also marks the end of Carl’s RIP challenge.  Here is what I read for the challenge–

Kindle Books:

The Night Stranger, by Chris Bohjalian

Cold Kiss, by Amy Garvey

Curtains, by Tom Jokinen

Print Books:

The Alienist, by Caleb Carr

The Devil’s Star, by Jo Nesbo

The Fates will Find Their Way, by Hannah Pittard

The House at Riverton, by Kate Morton

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, by Ransom Riggs

The Poison Tree, by Erin Kelly

The Lantern, by Deborah Lawrenson

That’s a total of ten books, which is more than I had hoped to read.  I usually stick to around eight RIP books per year.  As always, I really enjoyed this challenge.  It’s one of the few that I always finish, which is amazing considering my track record with reading challenges!

I hope everyone has a nice, relaxing Sunday.  I am headed to my parent’s house shortly to have dinner but maybe I’ll squeeze in some reading at some point.

The Sunday Salon: 10/16/2011

Another Sunday.  I am a little shocked that October is already half way over.  I came to the sad realization that I probably won’t hit my goal of reading 100 books in 2011.  Last year I came close, coming in at 98 books by the time the clock hit midnight, but I realized a few days ago that at this time last year I was already ahead of where I am now by ten books.  That’s quite a lot! I had a major reading slump at the beginning of this year, where I stopped blogging for about three months.  Unfortunately, my lack of blogging did not equal extra time to read.  Instead, I read only a handful of books during those three months.  I just wasn’t in the mood.  So that seriously impacted the number of books I have read this year thus far.  At this point, I will continue to read when I want and what I want, and whatever that number equals at the end of the year, that’s ok!

Now, on to a specific book I have read this year–

I have had this one on my wish list for years, so when I saw it at B&N on clearance, it was a no brainer.  I bought it.  I read it. And for the first time since I have started blogging, I have absolutely nothing to say about a book once I have finished it.  Perrottet is a history nut and he endeavors to present the fun tidbits of history that are usually not discussed in a history class.  The title story refers to Napoleon Bonaparte and the rumor that a doctor stole his “privates” after his death and that the anatomy now resides in a suitcase under a bed in New Jersey.  I mean, how fun does this book sound?! But really, the only other chapter in the book that held my interest was the one that discussed Hitler’s excessive flatulance.

So while the idea behind this book was a great one, it failed miserably in its execution and I was glad when it was finally over.

I’m glad I finally got that book off my chest! Now, onto my plans for today.  Alas, I have to work this afternoon, so it’s doubtful that my day will include a lot of reading.  I hope a lot of you will get the chance to relax and read today though! Share your plans with me.

The Sunday Salon: 9/25/2011

So it is now officially fall.  I am half happy about that and half not. I love the fall weather but it just means winter is right around the corner and winter and I are not friends! I hate the cold, and don’t even get me started on the snow and ice.

The fall weather induced me to stop my housecleaning yesterday and snuggle on the couch to finish The Poison Tree, by Erin Kelly.  First off, it was amazing.  My cousin has been after me to read it for weeks and now I see why.  But anyway, I feel like this type of weather inclines me to read a lot more.  In the summer, I would rarely just pick up a book in the middle of the day and read for hours, but I find myself doing it a lot more now.  I am loving it.

My book club met this past Thursday to discuss Rules of Civility, by Amor Towles.


As you may remember, I loved this book, so I recommended it to my book club.  As is always the case when I recommend a book, I was nervous that they would all hate it (ahem, The Elegance of the Hedgehog anyone?), but the response was overwhelmingly positive.  They really enjoyed the time period, as well as Katey’s story in general.  I seemed to be the only one who wasn’t a big fan of Katey.  One minor reason was the way she let Tinker go and failed to tell him her true feelings, but my fellow book clubbers did point out that she likely would have acted differently were it not for the accident.

At the same time, they really hung Tinker out to dry, where I sympathized with him more.  They were disgusted that he “whored” himself out to Ann, whereas I didn’t see it as quite that negative.  I am not sure why my reaction wasn’t of the same magnitude as theirs, because Tinker’s situation does sound like that of glorified prostitute, but while reading the book and being immersed in their lives, I just didn’t have that reaction.

*end of spoilers*

Next month I suggested we read something that goes along with Halloween, and the choice was made to read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, by Stieg Larsson. I am really excited by the the selection, but also a little nervous because it is a longer book.  I hope they all love the series as much as I did!

As for today, I am reading some paranormal YA fiction, which is very different for me–Cold Kiss, by Amy Garvey.  I don’t know that I will get a ton of reading done, since I have to work later, but I am enjoying the change of pace and I am flying through it.  How do you plan on spending your Sunday?

The Sunday Salon, 9/18/2011

Wow, what an awesome week.  BBAW is something I look forward to every year, and I had a great time blogging and chatting with other bloggers about what we love: reading and blogging! Because of the hoopla that comes along with BBAW, I chose not to post any reviews this week. I do, however, have two reviews coming up this week: The Alienist and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

I was so happy to make a small dent in my RIP stack and trust me, I could continue to read RIP books for the rest of the month.  However, I have some other reading obligations so the RIP books have gone by the wayside for the time being.  It’s a tad bit disappointing, only because the weather has finally turned to fall! I broke out my footie pajamas and the winter blanket for our bed.  Despite the fact that it keeps my house on the chilly side, we have had our windows open 24/7 for the past week.

I am pretty sure the weather has also increased my caffeine consumption as well.  I just got a Kuerig coffee maker and I can’t stop using it!! I got peppermint mocha creamer (omg!!) and tons of different flavors of coffee, plus chai latte pods too! I keep trying to exercise my self control and limit how much I am drinking but it doesn’t always work.

As we speak, I am curled up in bed watching What Not to Wear with a cup of coffee as I blog but later on today I need to go to work.  What are your plans for today? How have you been doing on the RIP challenge?