Hola amigos! I know many of you are more than halfway finished with bloggiesta, whereas I am just getting started.  I had to borrow my husband’s computer, as mine is out being fixed, not to mention I picked up an extra shift at work this weekend, so as much as I want to participate fully this weekend, I am going to have to devote less time than I would like.

Because of my lengthy break, I am playing catch up at the moment.  My two biggest goals this weekend are to catch up on my Google Reader and reviews.  I think I will just devote an hour or two tonight to reading through as much of my reader as I can manage, and then I will admit defeat and clear it out.  There’s no way I could possibly catch up completely, so it’s best to just read the most recent stuff and then start fresh.

As for my reviews, I have 17 to write, quite a few of which are from last year.  I suck at retaining what I have read, so I think that, with the exception of my most recent reads, I will probably be doing mini reviews for the rest of them. I have no idea how many I’ll be able to do this weekend, but it will be nice to get a good chunk of them out of the way.

Now it’s time to fill me in on your progress! How is everyone doing so far?