Book Review: I See You


I See You

Clare Mackintosh


368 pages


Zoe Walker is on her commute home on the subway when she spots herself in the classifieds section of the newspaper. She is fairly certain it’s her, but when she calls the phone number associated with the ad, she discovers it is not a working number. Zoe attempts to brush it off but she has a nagging feeling that there is something untoward about the whole situation. As the days go on, she realizes she can’t speak of the issue without sounding like a complete nutcase. She can’t help but notice that there are other women appearing in the ads every day as well, and when she recognizes one of the women as the victim of a recent crime, she is terrified.

My thoughts:

I LOVED Clare Mackintosh’s first book, I Let You Go. I found it to be well written and captivating, two traits that don’t always go hand in hand with psychological thrillers. I often feel like they have only one or the other (or in very sad cases, none of the above). I felt so strongly about it that when I heard she had a new book coming out, I had to have it. I See You isn’t due to be released in the U.S. until 2017 but has already been released in the U.K. I found it on Book Depository for less than $12 (and Book Depository offers free shipping worldwide), so I jumped on the chance to order it before its U.S. release.

I thought the pacing of I See You was done very well.  As the reader, I always had the tingly sensation that something was amiss and that Zoe was right to be fearful. I’ve seen quite a few reviews denouncing Zoe and annoying and I agree, she wasn’t the most relatable character. She seemed a little flighty and naïve, and I certainly didn’t trust her judgment. I thought Mackintosh did a great job of subtly sketching Zoe’s romantic relationships in a way that added to the suspense of the story.

I See You didn’t quite live up to I Let You Go in my opinion. It was a great read in its own right and I thought the premise was promising. I think, in the end, the characters just didn’t strike me in the way her previous characters did. It’s definitely still worth a read though!

Disclosure: I purchased this book for my own collection.



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