Book Date: 11/21/16

untitledIt’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a place to meet up and share what you have been, are and about to be reading over the week.  It’s a great post to organise yourself. It’s an opportunity to visit and comment, and er… add to that ever growing TBR pile! So welcome in everyone. This meme started with J Kaye’s Blog   and then was taken up by Sheila from Book Journey. Sheila then passed it on to Kathryn at the Book Date. And here we are!

Finished during the past week:


Only one book this week, but man was it a good one! If you haven’t read Tana French’s Dublin Murder squad series, you must. There is a reason they are so popular. For “mysteries” they are so incredibly well written. Faithful Place (book #3) was my favorite until this point, but I think The Trespasser surpassed it.  Antoinette Conway, the lead D in this book, is one badass female and although she is definitely abrasive, I love her kick ass attitude.

This was my family’s November Book of the Month choice.  It was an obvious choice for us, as we have all enjoyed French’s books in the past. I am the only one who has read all five of her previous books, so it is nice that they are able to be read as standalone novels as well.

Currently reading:

I typically read two books at once, an ebook and a print book. Because I finished The Trespasser yesterday evening, I haven’t started a new book yet. I actually should have finished this one last night as well but I just couldn’t stay awake.

So yeah, The Couple Next Door. Good story, horribly written. I feel bad saying so, but geez. No matter how many times the story hooked me in, I was contemplating quitting because of the lack of character development. The only reason I have continued on, besides the fact that the story is pretty interesting, is because the book is also short.

Serial Reader:


For an explanation of the Serial app, click here.

The end is in sight for Anna Karenina!!! Four months after I started it, I now have only 9 issues left.  Things are coming to a head with Anne and Vronsky and we all know what’s about to happen.

I don’t have many more issues of The Jungle either. I am still enjoying it but I haven’t found it as interesting since Jurgis struck out on his own. It’s starting to ring a little false for me. I am curious though as to where Jurgis is going to end up though. Since this is the most depressing book I have ever read, I am hoping for a happy ending.

Also, I am 1 book away from reaching my amended reading goal of 100 books this year!


I read 58 books in 2015 and that was a big improvement from the few years prior. My reading started going to shit at the end of 2011 when I got pregnant with my 4 year old and only started recovering last year, which was the first year in a long time that I haven’t been pregnant.

I made my goal for 2016 60 books, and quickly blew that out of the water. Then I increased my reading challenge to 80 books, and finally 100. I’m excited to see where I end up!



10 Responses

  1. Wow! This is inspirational, that’s a lot of books you have read and are still reading this year. I think I need to up my game, Ii have read a few, but they are all literature and I have to use a dictionary all the time. =) Have a good week.

  2. I have a friend who is a major Tana French fan, I really should pick one up, since I do really enjoy murder mysteries!

  3. I’ve looked at the Tana French book, but I haven’t read anything else in the series. Can this one be read as a standalone?

  4. I loved The Couple Next Door. Enjoy your reading and your week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. I’ve only read the first Tana French book, but want to read more. Congratulations on reaching you goal of 100 books… don’t think I’ve ever done that!!

  6. I am definitely going to have to check out that Serial app!

  7. I have heard good things about Tana French. I will have to try the books someday. Well done on reaching your goal of 100 books for the year – a whole month + early. 🙂 Have a great week.

  8. It’s nice that you finally have the time and inclination to read as you like, and 100 books is a respectable number. Finding time to read can be rather difficult when you have young children.

    Serial sounds like an interesting app. I used to subscribe to DailyLit, which does the same thing, only you get the books as email.
    Bibliophile @ Reading in Reykjavík
    (posting under my WP handle, because I’m lazy)

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