Book Review: One True Loves


One True Loves

Taylor Jenkins Reid

Washington Square Press

352 pages


Emma Blair was a free spirit. She and her husband Jesse met and fell in love in high school and are living out their dreams of traveling and seeing the world. Emma is an up and coming travel writer and she and Jesse have made their life together in California when Jesse suddenly disappears in a helicopter crash over the Pacific. Presumed dead, Emma has to come to terms with the fact that she is now a widow.

As she battles her grief, Emma decides to move home to the small town on the east coast where she and Jesse grew up–the town they couldn’t wait to escape once they graduated high school. As Emma settles in to her parent’s home, she slowly starts to ingratiate herself into her old life. The life that once seemed claustrophobic and stifling now brings Emma great comfort.

As time passes, Emma is becoming more stable, and she runs into a man named Sam that she had been close to as a teenager. Sam has held a torch for Emma since they met as young teenagers, but Emma’s never reciprocated those feelings. As she spends more and more time with Sam though, Emma realizes that she’s falling in love with him. They begin dating, which leads to a proposal. The two are in the midst of planning their wedding when Jesse resurfaces. Stranded on a Pacific island for three years, he is very much alive, and has spent the past three years battling his way back to his wife.

Emma is faced with the biggest dilemma of her life–who should she choose?

My thoughts:

This was my second book by Taylor Jenkins Reid. I am now convinced that I love her books and need to read them all. They read like chick lit but are a little more substantial and are great palate cleansers. I would call it a “dessert book” because they’re quick and sweet, despite the heavy subject matters.

One True Loves really struck a chord with me. Emma’s love for both Jesse and Sam was so genuine that I felt so conflicted as to which one she should choose. And that made me feel horrible for her. If I felt sick over her choice, how must she feel. She had spent three years dealing with the grief over the loss of her spouse and now she had to deal with those traumatic feelings all over again, not to mention having to experience the grief of losing someone she loved a second time, whether she be losing Jesse or Sam.

As the book wore on, it became more clear to me who Emma should be with. I was worried for a minute–would she see it as clearly? In the end, she did, although she made some questionable choices along the way, even after she had made her choice. In fact, I’m kind of angry with how she handled herself, but then on the flip side, no one is perfect. She was literally stuck making the best in a horrible situation.

In the end, I love all of the emotions One True Loves made me feel. I finished it almost a month ago and still feel as strong of a connection with the characters and the story as I did the day I finished it.


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