Book Review: Siracusa



Delia Ephron

Blue Rider Press

304 pages


Two couples, Michael and Lizzie and Finn and Taylor (along with daughter Snow), decide to take a European trip together. The dynamic is a little off from the start, because Lizzie and Finn were formerly in a relationship years ago–and are both pondering whether they still harbor romantic feelings towards one another– and the two couples aren’t necessarily even friends.

The vacation starts out normal enough, but as the couples spend more time on their trip, more marital issues arise, and all four adults begin to question their respective marriages and life choices.

My feelings:

I added this on as a Book of the Month choice in September and was very hesitant about it, for one simple reason–the reviews. Siracusa‘s Litsy percentage is currently 64% and may have been even lower when it was first announced as a BOTM choice in August, so at the time I decided not to take a chance on it. But it just kept niggling at me (I love stories that examine marriage and romantic relationships), so I bit the bullet the following month and I am so glad I did.

I LOVED Siracusa.

The narrative is set up so that all four adults take turns relating their version of the events of the trip. And considering there are always multiple sides to a single story, I thought it was very effective in a book that is specifically about troubled marriages. I really enjoyed that each partner got to tell their own side and that I was able to see the struggles and happenings from multiple perspectives.

This is a very quick read, and kept me rapt throughout the book. I read it in 24 hours and have been recommending it left and right. I am now wondering how Ephron’s other novels compare to this one. I would love to hear any recommendations!


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