Book Review: Dark Matter


Dark Matter

Blake Crouch


342 pages

If I were to say just one thing about this book, it is that it is a total MIND F**K. Which if you’ve heard even one thing about this book, then your probably already know. But trust me, it’s just one of those books that messes with you and then seeps into your life so you keep thinking about it.

I think this is the type of book that is good to begin without knowing too much, but for those of you that want to read an actual review, I’ll go ahead with it (but really, my recommendation is to just skip this review and go grab this book).

Jason Dessen is your typical middle age guy. He has a wife and child at home. He works as a college professor and when he’s not working, he’s doing just what you’d imagine–spending time with his family, having a quick drink at the local bar. Nothing too exciting but he’s happy. He had every intention of being someone important in the science field but his girlfriend got pregnant unexpectedly and now, years later, he and that girlfriend are happily married with a teenager.

But what would have happened if Jason had realized his dreams and had a big break through? Jason doesn’t know it, but apparently that’s what has happened, but in a parallel universe. And that’s where I end my synopsis, mostly because I could never articulate the actual premise of this book in a way that makes sense, but also because you just have to read it.

I read this book on a weekend getaway (it was actually a bachelorette party wherein I was away with my sisters and 11 other women. Yes, I am the stick in the mud that would prefer to spend a bachelorette party reading. Ha!). it was the perfect choice for a weekend read because it had me totally rapt. One of my sisters had already read it, so we had a great time discussing it and wondering how every single choice we made had been a different choice in our parallel worlds. And even now, a month later, I still find myself wondering about all of the other Mes out there.

If you’ve also read Dark Matter, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. I hear it has been optioned for a movie.


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  1. Dude, my mind is still melting. I just finished it and I can’t – I just can’t. What did I just read??
    Rebecca @ The Portsmouth Review
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