Book Review: Flight of Dreams


Flight of Dreams

Ariel Lawhon


336 pages

The Hindenberg was a commercial airship that was designed and built in Germany at the start of WWII. I am not going to go into the mechanics, because it is impossible for me to understand, let alone explain, but I am personally in awe that such a mode of transportation ever existed.

Flight of Dreams is the fictionalized retelling of the final flight of the Hindenberg in May 1937. It tells the story of the last voyage my alternating chapters between various crew members and passengers. I found it a bit tricky at first to keep everyone straight, but I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I became immersed in the story despite that, and it all ended up becoming clearer as the book continued.

I felt like the storylines were interesting and thought provoking. I only researched the different characters after I finished the book. SPOILER ALERT: Once I researched it, I did find a few aspects of Lawhon’s story to lack credibility. By that I mean she obviously made them up and there is no evidence that shows they ever occurred. That doesn’t bother me in the slightest, because it is fiction and to be expected, however I have seen where other reviewers took issue with it so I thought it was worth noting.

One aspect I found interesting is that Lawhon did stay true to the actual characters-everyone was really on the ship except for “The America” (that is one aspect that was completely fabricated, at least from what I could tell)-and that also whether you lived or died on the Hindenberg was portrayed accurately in the book. So she didn’t change that part of history at all, which made the deaths of certain characters at the end even sadder to read.

I am personally in awe of the Hindenberg now and I would love to have been on it during one of the non fatal flights. It sounds so cool, with all the observation windows and lookouts, although definitely not safe at all. Fiction based on true events and people is a favorite niche of mine and I am so thrilled with how Lawhon crafted this story. I read her last book as well (it was good but not as great as this one) and I now know I will continue to read whatever she publishes in this sub genre.




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  1. I loved her first book so I’m so glad to hear that you liked this one even better!

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