Book Review: Missing, Presumed


Missing, Presumed

Susie Stein

The Borough Press

400 pages

Manon Bradshaw is a police detective who responds to a call regarding a missing woman. Edie Hind is a 24 year old college grad who has disappeared from the home she shares with her boyfriend, Will. The door is left wide open and her cell phone and keys are left behind. The home is in disarray and it is immediately apparent that something is wrong. An investigation is launched, and tensions run high, especially considering that Edie’s father is Sir Ian Hind, surgeon to the royal family.

As the investigation continues, and hours turn into days, detectives are no closer to discovering Edie’s whereabouts. In fact, new questions continue to arise. Throw a budding romance into the mix and you have quite a story.

As far as mysteries/thrillers go, this one was more subdued. I wouldn’t say it had me on the edge of my seat, at least not for the majority of the time. I was curious about where the story was going, but not in the fast paced, can’t put down way that I would expect from this type of book. I wouldn’t necessarily consider that a bad thing, however I wish I had known that in advance. Instead, I was constantly wondering when the action would start.

The ending, while unexpected, came about at a slower pace as well. While normally that would be exasperating to me, I really enjoyed the introspection of the characters as they came to terms with themselves and each other. I loved the questions they posed and what it meant to me as the reader. I really started thinking about relationships, especially between that of parent and child and that between spouses. What could you discover about your spouse that would make you stop loving them? Or parent? Or child? I especially admired Miriam Hind and she stood by her own choices, shocked as I was by those choices.

I liked that this was a little different from your typical thriller. Just make sure you go into it knowing that it is more meant to be savored and not rushed through, at least once you get to the end.


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