Book Review: Girls from Corona del Mar


The Girls from Corona del Mar

Rufi Thorpe


256 pages

Lorrie Ann and Mia have been best friends since they were young girls. The Girls from Corona del Mar chronicles their friendship from the age of 15 up through their early 30s. Like all friends, their relationship ebbs and flows. They are extremely close as teenagers but as they graduate and begin to lead separate lives, they go through long periods of not talking.

I know my synopsis is vague, especially given how much this book actually covers. It really packs a punch. There is a lot of focus on reproductive health. Pregnancies that end in both abortion and childbirth hold a lot of substance in The Girls from Corona del Mar and Lorrie Ann and Mia both dissected their own decisions at great lengths. It was very raw and very real. I felt like I was reading about two real women and the situations they found themselves in resonated with me completely.

I loved how flawed both characters were. There were times in the book that I thought they were both so wrong, and you could see that self awareness fighting through, and yet I could understand completely every decision they both made. Even Lorrie Ann’s relationship with her son Zach, and how everything ultimately played out, made sense to me, even though I agreed with Mia that Lorrie Ann made some awful decisions.

One thing to mention: this book had the most awful animal scene I have ever read. It was gut wrenching to read and really haunted me. Just something to be mindful of.

I raced through The Girls from Corona del Mar, and the closer I got towards the end, the more I tried to slow down and savor every moment. I would highly recommend this book, and I plan on reading the author’s newest book ASAP.


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