Review: Book of the Month Club

Logomark_Navy (1)Two months ago, I discovered Book of the Month Club. Book of the Month Club is a monthly book subscription that has apparently been around for almost a century. You can purchase a subscription in one month, three month, or six month increments.

On the first of the month, just sign on to the BOTM website to see what five selections have been chosen for that month. There are four regular judges and a guest judge, and each will choose a new release. There appears to always be at least one non fiction choice and one psychological thriller/mystery.

I was instantly drawn to BOTM for a few reasons. Number one, I love monthly subscriptions. I currently do Birchbox and Stitchfix but have also tried Sephora and Ipsy.  Secondly, I rarely ever buy books anymore. I am way too much of a spendthrift to ever splurge on a hardcover, unless I find a second hand one for a good price. I thought this was a great way to encourage me to build up my library again.

The biggest reason I love BOTM is because it gets me out of my comfort zone. You can choose to skip a month if you don’t like any of the selections, but I don’t see that ever being an issue for me. I like the idea of reading and discussing a book I may not have otherwise picked up.

BOTM has an online discussion feature where you can discuss your book. Admittedly, I haven’t utilized this feature yet. I have something even better: my family. I gifted my mom a three month subscription for Mother’s Day and convinced two of my sisters to sign up as well (sister #3 lives in London, England, so she has to miss out for now). The four of us will look over the selections at the beginning of the month and decide together which choice we want to read. It is so much fun!


This month, we were torn between Before the Fall and Enchanted Islands (I have my eye on Modern Lovers too). We quickly decided to go with Before the Fall, and even though I haven’t started it yet, all the hype has me convinced we made the right choice.

Yet another cool thing about BOTM is that you can add on two additional books per month for $9.99 a piece.  You can choose from the other four selections that month or any of the books selected in previous months. They also have a page called Other Favorites with four or five newer releases that can be added on as well. The Other Favorites page changes monthly, so you have to act quickly on those.


This month, I had a really difficult time with my add ons. There were so many choices that I wanted to read that it wasn’t a question of whether I would buy the two additional books, just which ones! I ended up choosing Enchanted Islands, by Allison Amend, and Miller’s Valley, by Anna Quindlen. The latter was already on my Goodreads to-read list and the former had such a beautiful cover, I just couldn’t resist (although the story sounds great too!).

If you are interested in joining Book of the Month Club, use the code SUMMER30 for 30% off.

Have you tried BOTM club? What did you think? Please weigh in on my three book selections too and let me know if I made the right choice!

3 Responses

  1. Oh how fun you’re making your own book club with Book of the Month!

  2. I belonged to BOMC ages and ages ago, and love that you have formed a family book club this way! Makes me want to a sky my own mother and sisters about it.

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