Sunday Salon: 4/29/2012

Happy Sunday all! I realize this week has been quiet over here.  I didn’t intend to go all week without posting but it just kind of happened.  Oops. Unfortunately, it will probably stay pretty quiet for the next two weeks because I am leaving for Florida in a few days for a much needed vacation! I had hoped to schedule some posts for the time I am gone but at this point I doubt that will happen.  I just have too much to get done and not enough time!

I am excited to have baby’s nursery painted while we are gone! Although I hope to have the girliest child ever, I plan on keeping her nursery pretty gender neutral.  I decided to go with very light blue walls so that I could have a lot of really bright accents.  The crib is going to be painted bright yellow and I want to hang some paper mache animal heads on the wall.  So once we get back and everything is painted I can really get started with putting the nursery together.











As for my vacation, I am busy packing books to read.  I am flying but my husband is driving, so to avoid having heavy luggage to pay for, I am sending him with a bag of books! So far, I have Pandemonium, by Lauren Oliver, Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline, Tolstoy and the Purple Chair, by Nina Sankovitch, When She Woke, by Hilary Jordan, Restless Souls by Alisa Statman and Brie Tate and The Leftovers, by Tom Perrotta. Plus copies of Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand, which is for an impromptu family book club while we are there.  I had the idea to assign a book that everyone will read on vacation so we can all discuss as we read (parents, three sister and boyfriends, plus my husband and I).  We’ll see how it works out!

I hope you all enjoy your Sunday as well as the rest of the week!


11 Responses

  1. Ooh, great reading choices! I adored When She Woke and The Leftovers….and just received Restless Souls in the mail.

    Enjoy your break….and here’s MY SUNDAY SALON POST

  2. The family book club sounds like a great idea! I hope it goes well. 🙂 Have a great vacation!

  3. I love all the books you are bringing with you! Not sure what part of Florida you are visiting, but the weather is gorgeous right now. I hope you have a wonderful time! Love the look of the nursery too. So exciting…

  4. Love the wall color for the baby’s room. Enjoy your time in FL.

  5. Hope you have an awesome vacation … and I kind of love those animal heads!!

  6. OH I love the combination of blue and yellow. I didn’t plan on having a very girly room either but my husband took it upon himself to paint the nursery PINK. Very pink. But, I figure we can always change the color.

    Can’t wait to see your nursery all put together!

  7. Love the ideas and the photos for the nursery! I like a lot of bright colors, and think the room will be perfect for your little one!
    You are also bringing a whole lot of great books on your vacation, and I have read a handful of them. I hope you get the time to read a few of them. Have a great time out there! Florida is pretty warm right now, and humid!

  8. After two boys, I had kind of hoped to have a girly girl when my daughter was born, too. Dress her in pink and bows as long as you can – girls have an opinion when they are really little about what they like!

  9. LOVE the animals! and I love blue and yellows together. Good luck with the family book club.

  10. Lovely nursery inspiration. That’s going to be darling!

  11. Hi. Thinking of you and hoping all is well. *smiles*

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