Kindle vs Nook

I have always had a kindle.  It never was an issue because when I got it, there was no nook or kobo.  I think the sony ereader was already out, but nothing affiliated with any bookstore or site, so it was a no brainer.  I got my kindle years ago and have loved it ever since.  The color ereaders never interested me because they don’t have the same ink as regular ereaders and so they don’t seem to be as easy on the eyes.  Plus, I have an ipad, so if there is ever an issue where I would like to read something in color, I use that.  It has never been an issue but hey, it’s nice to have the option! As you can see, however, my kindle is a little outdated at this point and I have started itching for a newer, sleeker ereader.

My mom also has an ipad, although in her case she likes to read on it exclusively, which means her nook has been banished.  Knowing my dilemma about needing a new ereader, she went ahead and gave me her nook.  She’s a very nice mom! So now I have a dilemma.  I have the nook and, as far as I know, there is no way to transfer data from one device to the other, so I will have to finish reading the books I already have stored on my kindle.  As far as buying ebooks from Amazon, I usually only buy books that are extremely discounted.  They usually feature 100 books a month that are under $3.99, so I check those out and just keep my eye out for other good deals.  Does B&N offer discounted books for the nook?

Any other advice or tidbits you can share about the nook, I would love to hear it! Let me know why you chose one over the other, or, if you have used both devices, which one did you prefer and why?

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  1. I don’t know much about the Nook because it isn’t sold in Canada but I have noticed that publishers usually have sale prices across devices when doing promotions, but this is not always the case. I have noticed that Amazon offers more sale prices. I usually download those to my Kindle App on my Ipad.

  2. I just have the Kindle. Even though it may be a little bigger than the Nook, it is still small to me and I have it so crammed full of books, I would never get through them all. Plus I always have a nice big balance on my Amazon there ready for drunk-ordering and impulsive buys. It is nice that you have a choice now though!

  3. That was so nice of your mom! No e-reader here, so I can’t help with your questions. There are a few books loaded on my iPad, but I don’t really like reading on it 😦

  4. Stay with the Kindle, you can get one of the newer ones and then use your iPad’s Kindle app to make it truly a portable reading solution. Amazon’s customer service can’t be beat and that alone makes them tops in my book.

  5. Well, I’m a Kindle girl myself … and you get new ones for almost nothing if you don’t go for the Fire version. If you have an iPad, I don’t see the point of having a “wannabe” iPad like the Nook and the new Kindle seem to be. I have a 2nd generation Kindle and I like it just fine. I also like that you can now get Kindle books from many libraries. I’ve been starting to use that and really enjoy it. Plus you can read with the Kindle app on your iPad or iPhone … I like that.

    • Yeah, the more I am using the nook the more I think I will stick with the kindle. It’s only $99 anyway, because I would pass on the Fire. I don’t like the idea of a color ereader because it doesn’t have the pearl ink text and instead is like reading on an ipad.

  6. I have a nook. I chose it over the kindle because of the Adobe programs it works with. That said, B&N has a ton of free books, books under $5 and every Friday they do a free book Friday. Some of the Friday books I get others not.

    After having a nook, I do not think I would get a Kindel. I like being able to shop at other stores, than just B&N. Some of my local used book stores have e-reader accounts most are set up for the nook.

    Hope this helps.

  7. I love my Nook Color and don’t think of it as a “wannabe iPad” just because its main purpose is as an ereader. It’s nice if I’m in bed and want to get on Twitter or check comments on the blog. I also love the backlight, which is odd because most people complain about it. I usually have more reading time at night, and I love that I can read in the dark. In fact, I often turn off my bedside lamp, only to realize I’m in the middle of a harcover book. 🙂 But if you already have an iPad and Kindle, you probably don’t need it.

  8. I adored my nook…until I got an iPad. Now I’m afraid it just sits in a drawer. Poor thing.

  9. This is why I have yet to get one. I have NO IDEA which one is better!

  10. I love my nook color. Not wannabe Ipad, in my mind its superior since price and flash support. And lighter. I’d say put the kindle and nook apps on ipad, and use the readers for toting around since they are lighter and fit in a purse better. Prices are usually the same throughout all the stores. I’ve notice when kindle people say this book is at X price, BN has either had it already at that price, or has it later. Recently, one entertainment blog advertised the Hunger Games omnibus ebook for cheap on Kindle, and it was the same price for the Nook.

    You’ll want to check out and . And BN has a sort for ebooks under $5, and the Daily Deal book featured at the bottom of the main nookbook page. Plus freebie friday, and the monthly feature for 99 cents.

  11. Barnes and Noble sends out emails with discounted nook books. There is also a carbon page called cheap e-reads that advertises TONS of cheap book books. They sort of spam the news feed but they have had some good books on there.

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