Mailbox Monday

Mailbox Monday is the brainchild of Marcia and more information can be found here. This month it is being hosted by Serena at Savvy Verse & Wit.

I have had great luck recently when it comes to new books.  (Hopefully I don’t jinx myself with that statement!) This week was no exception.  I got a total of five books, although only four are shown, as my husband already absconded with one of the books!

A Train in Winter, by Caroline Moorehead, is for an upcoming TLC tour. This one is about a large group of women involved in the French Resistance who were imprisoned at Auschwitz during WWII.

The Marriage Artist, by Andrew Winer is this month’s choice for BOOK CLUB.  More information can be found here. The discussion will take place on October 25 at Linus’s Blanket. I know very little about this book but I am looking forward to it!

A Watershed Year, by Susan Schoenberger is another TLC tour book.  The premise reminds me of Ceceilia Ahern’s book PS, I Love You, only in this case a woman is receiving emails from her friend after he passes away, so I am anxious to see whether it is at all similar!

The Rules of the Tunnel, by Neil Zeman is a mystery to me.  I can’t remember if I won it or agreed to review it or what.  So I am sorry–I feel like a jerk! It’s a memoir by a person that suffered severe depression and anxiety.  As someone who has battled an anxiety disorder my entire life, I am always open to books on that subject.

The last book I received, which is not pictured, is The Night Eternal, by Guillarmo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan, which is book #3 of The Strain series.  My husband enjoyed the first two books so when I got this one in the mail, his eyes lit up.  He bragged to his coworkers the next day that he was going to get to read the book before it even came out!

Time for you to spill and let me know what came into your house this week!


13 Responses

  1. The books look good! Enjoy!

  2. I also have the Night Eternal on my shelves. Hope I won’t need to read the first two before this one.

  3. I received A Train in Winter, too. Can’t wait to read your thoughts on it!

  4. Ack! I’ve been meaning to read The Strain et al but it has been sitting on my shelves forever. I think he is a strange fellow, makes great movies, which I think will make for an interesting read.

  5. Gotta love mystery books in the mail 😛 Enjoy your new acquisitions.

  6. A Train in Winter has caught my eye today. I think it just might go on the wish list. The Marriage Artist sounds interesting as well.

  7. These are all new to me. I hope you enjoy them all. I’m curious about A Watershed Year.

  8. A Train in Winter sounds really good. I look forward to the reviews on that one.

  9. LOL, that’s funny about your husband! My hubby has gotten more into reading as I’ve done more blogging and things like that. I love when we enjoy the same books.

  10. Wow, you did have a good week! A Train in Winter sounds fascinating. Enjoy!

  11. So far I haven’t received anything that my husband has been that excited about since our reading tastes are so different. The Train in Winter book looks good!

  12. We have very similar taste – I’m on the Train in Winter and Watershed Year tours, too!

  13. Looking forward to reviews of The Marriage Artist!

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