Saturday Snapshot

Last week, I shared a photo of my two boys Milo and Chumlee, so this week I wanted to introduce you all to their sister, Fiona (also known as Fifi).  Fifi is very rarely caught dead with her brothers.  She would prefer to be an only child.  As fickle as she is, you could not find a more loyal cat.  Every night she sleeps with me, either on the pillow right next to my head or, if it’s colder, under the blanket curled up next to me.  I found her at two weeks old and raised her from that point, so she is very special to me.  And here she is sleeping on my purse! She is notorious for choosing the most uncomfortable sleeping spot imaginable.

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19 Responses

  1. I wonder what possessed her to sleep in your purse! Too funny.

  2. I missed Milo and Chumlee last week so I just looked the up. They are adorable boys and look to be buddies! I love that one has his paw on the other as if to say to the photographer, “My Kitty pal!” The fur of both boys looks soft and plush and the colors are wonderful!

    Fiona is a sweety and obviously knows how special you are in her life. I think it’s fantastic that you adopted her when you found her and have had her ever since. A great story. How old is Fifi?
    I have a female who would love to be an only child, too. And a couple who love to sleep on or around me in ways most uncomfortable to me but they’re happy!

    You have beautiful kitties!

    • All three of them are five. I found Fifi with her brother Felix, who unfortunately passed away at 4 weeks old from birth defects. He was the runt of the litter 😦 I adopted Milo and Chumlee (who really are brothers biologically!) so Fifi wouldn’t be alone. Alas, as I said, she would have preferred to be alone! Lucky for her I can’t afford more cats because I would certainly have more if I could!

  3. Aren’t cats funny that way? They look like they would be so uncomfortable on bumpy, lumpy things, but they don’t see to be. They like to snuggle with such unusual things. LOL

  4. Haha cat’s are so funny!

  5. She is so cute! Maybe she is holding your purse hostage. That way you can’t get away.

  6. She has good taste in handbags as well!

  7. Cute! I have two cats.

  8. Funny! It also looks like you caught her rifling though your purse…”What? I just needed a little cash to go out with the girls tonight. You don’t mind, do you?” Hee!

    Here’s mine:

  9. I was never much of a cat person until my son got one a few years ago. Now I love them! FiFi is very cute!
    Here’s Mine

  10. She’s gorgeous. Sleeping and cats, they know how to do it. Here’s Mine

  11. Fifi sounds so sweet and cuddly. I love how they like small compact space. Very cute shot.

    Our Libby who passed away last week disliked the boy cats as well…LOL (The house is different without her and kinda spooky but it is almost like the other cats see her spirit in the house at times. Especially in the one room she spent the most time in.

  12. Very sweet kitty photo! My Tiger kitty doesn’t want to be around other cats either. He found us (as a stray) when he was about 11 weeks old, and still acts like a wildcat sometimes, but the rest of the time he’s a happy lazy house cat.

  13. Are you sure she’s not looking for a fiver?
    We’re kitty people here, too. I have Molly girl who is a little grey 12 year-old princess. We lost our big boy cat a couple of months ago. Sammy was my husband’s cat. He would watch football and sit by the mailbox until Henry came home fromhis morning run.

  14. Aw, she’s adorable 😀 And what is it with cats and their choices of sleeping places?

  15. What a cute expression on her face. She looks like she got caught with her paw in the till.

  16. Hi. Just found your blog and I am enjoying it. Your cat is super cute but, I have a totally random question…I like your purse! What kind is it? Thanks : )

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