BBAW Day 1

First off, I just want to say I am thrilled that today marks the start of another BBAW. This is my third year participating (and I think the third year it has been in existence!) and every year I am happy to see how everyone comes together as a community and celebrates book blogging.

While the awards are a fun part of BBAW, they can never accurately represent the depth and breadth of diversity in the book blogging community. Today you are encouraged to highlight a couple of bloggers that have made book blogging a unique experience for you. They can be your mentors, a blogger that encouraged you to try a different kind of book, opened your eyes to a new issue, made you laugh when you needed it, or left the first comment you ever got on your blog. Stay positive and give back to the people who make the community work for you!

This is today’s prompt.  I have to say I am not that excited about it.  It feels a little overdone, because this is the third year I have done a prompt like this and while I appreciate what it is attempting, I feel like I would just be repeating myself.

However, I will go ahead and give brief shout outs to my favorite blogs.  Jill from Fizzy Thoughts always gives me a good laugh. I love the detailed and thoughtful reviews of Steph from Steph & Tony Investigate.  The laid back nature of Diane’s blog at Bibliophile by the Sea makes her another of my favorites.  Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness offers reviews of books that I don’t always see around the blogosphere, so I enjoy her blog for its originality.  I love the friendliness of Dana of Much Madness is Divinest Sense and man, that coffee in her banner always has me salivating! I just discovered Deborah of The Bookish Dame in the past few weeks and I have enjoyed reading her blog immensely.

So there you have it.  Obviously this in no way encompasses all the blogs I read and love! I am looking forward to discovering even more blogs as BBAW unfolds.

17 Responses

  1. How weird is it that I subscribe to every other blog on the list?!?! I will go check out the others. 🙂

  2. Wonderful list you got here!

    I had a hard time choosing. But I opted for totally unheard of blogs. Isn’t that the intention of community? To spread far and wide!!

    Here is my post:

    BBAW 2011: Community

  3. Thanks for the sweet words! I have been so out of the loop due to school that I’m surprised anyone remembers me right now! 😉 You know I love seeing what you’re reading, even if your reviews do make my already teetering TBR towers grow all the more! 😉

  4. I read some of the blogs on your list and will have to check out the others. I feel that the prompts are overdone too and that I’ll be repeating myself from previous years. Ah, well.

  5. It’s hard to choose who to mention, isn’t it? I look forward to getting to know new-to-me bloggers better in the coming year. I’ve gotten far too comfortable with the ones I already read and haven’t been branching out to find new friends. This is such a big community!

  6. I’m familiar with some of the blogs you mentioned and will have a look at the others. I hope you enjoy the rest of BBAW!

  7. Great list of blogs! I just discovered Deborah’s blog too.

  8. This is a hard prompt to do, I agree. I look forward to checking out the blogs on your list, though.

  9. Wonderful list! Many of these I love too but there are a couple that are new to me and I am off to investigate! Have a great BBAW!

  10. I’m continually amazed by the diversity of blogs & bloggers I meet on this jaunt. Hi from me.

  11. Thank you for the shout out! I gave you one, too, but I didn’t even see this first, which makes it so much more awesome.

  12. I subscribe to most of those, but I’ll have to check out the ones I don’t. I can see where this prompt would get a little old, though I tend to evade it and not actually list people! Happy BBAW!

  13. LOL I know what you mean, I feel like I always give the same answers when this question is brought up. That’s why I decided to highlight my entire blogroll (14 isn’t that bad) because I wanted to mention every blogger included there.

    Happy BBAW! 🙂

  14. I know what you mean about it feeling a bit overdone after participating for a few years–trying to think up something to say for tomorrow as my post so far reads exactly like the one I did for ArmcharBEA. But I do love this week–there is so much positive energy that I just love.

  15. There were some good blogs in that list.

  16. We share so many of the same favorite blogs! It’s so much fun to see all of the connections we have by reading the same blogs. Happy BBAW.

  17. Hooray for laughter! 😀

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