Book Review: Love Child

Love Child

Sheila Kohler


256 pages

Bill has gotten used to the absence of her husband, who died a few months previously.  She has inherited quite a fortune upon the passing of her husband, and his solicitor is now breathing down her neck to write a will of her own.  The problem is Bill does not want to follow the attorney’s wishes and leave her fortune o her two sons.  She has never had a close relationship with them, wish is evidenced by her visit to their boarding school, where the two boys try to ignore her and the shame she causes them.  Although Bill has yearned for a more solid, loving relationship, she has never understood her boys, and vice versa.

Bill wonders at first who to bequeath the fortune to, but the answer quickly comes to her, and in that revelation, we learn more about Bill and her background. As her history unfolds, her relationships and decisions start to make more and more sense.

This was a quiet but powerful book.  It felt more like a novella to me, and I read it in 1.5 sittings. Although there wasn’t a lot of action, Bill’s story gave me a lot to think about.  Unfortunately, Love Child didn’t make as big of an impact on me as I expected.  It had me pensive throughout, but once I finished the book, the details started drifting off and I couldn’t remember the gist of the book until I read a synopsis of it.  Luckily, everything came flooding back at that point.

Two superficial aspects of the book that I feel I need to comment on.  First off, I LOVE the cover.  It is so evocative and really details the time and place of the book. One thing I didn’t love was the name Bill.  I understand it was a nickname, but whatever meaning the author intended it to render, I don’t think it did.  Instead, it just irritated me, because I can’t reconcile the name Bill with an adult woman.  It didn’t ruin the ambiance of the book for me, but I found it to be a confusing annoyance.

Love Child certainly has its pros and cons. Despite its flaws, I would recommend it.

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I received a copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley.

6 Responses

  1. I agree about the name… I had to re-read the first sentence of your review at first because I thought “her husband?” lol

  2. This one seems like a worthy read, even if it doesn’t leave a lasting impression. The fact that it got you thinking while reading is a good recommendation.

  3. Fantastic cover – draws me right in!

  4. I like the premise of the story but I have to say the name thing would have bothered me a lot too!

  5. That is a beautiful cover. I haven’t read the book but even the name “Bill” in the synopsis is annoying me! Sounds like a someday read–those someday reads never seem to climb to the top though because there are always so many other “must-reads” that have to come first.

  6. I’m glad to read your recommendation – this one is on my TBR (yes, the cover is beautiful!). I wonder about the choice of the name “Bill” …

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