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Today kicks off the first day of Armchair BEA. It is a week of fun filled blog activities for those of us not lucky enough to actually go to BEA. Sigh . . . maybe next year.

So the point of this post is mostly to introduce myself and let you know my plans for Armchair BEA.

My name is Stephanie and I am a twenty-seven year old bookworm (duh!).  I was born and raised in Columbus and I have never left.  I have been married to my husband Brian for a year and I am stepmother to his eleven year old daughter Ally.  I work part time for a company called Lush.

It is an awesome, ethically minded company that offers fresh skincare, haircare and bath and body stuff.  I absolutely love my job and it gives me an excuse to buy a lot of bath bombs.  There is nothing I love more than a hot bath and a good book!

As for my plans for Armchair BEA, I don’t really have anything solidified, although I am going to Half Price Books later to browse around.  I suppose Armchair BEA is my excuse for that! I do hope to be introduced to some new blogs though. For those of you that are new to my blog, welcome!–I hope we get to know one another better!

Me with my husband and stepdaughter

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  1. It’s so nice to “meet” you. I am a HUGE Lush fan…my favs are the bath bars and balls….you have no idea how much I adore them. My teenage sister too…she needs rehab. I do LUSH baths and books all the time! Have a great BEA. You sound like we would have lots in common.

    Stiletto Storytime

  2. Glad to see a picture of you. I think that’s the first one I’ve seen!

    • I am not a picture taker, so I don’t have very many pictures of myself. I really need to get a camera, as there are many times I would like to have pictures, especially when it comes to my stepdaughter.

  3. have a good bea armchair ,my wife loves stuff from lush ,all the best stu

  4. Hi Stephanie! I’m so close to you, living north of Cincinnati. That is a lovely picture of your family!

    On behalf of the Armchair BEA organizers, we hope you have a blast this week!

  5. Hi! Nice to meet you! And I love having any excuse to buy books! lol

  6. Ohhhh, bath bombs…how I miss you, now that I’m a student again with no spare money for such lovely things…

    Do you know that Half Price Books is having a 20% off sale this weekend? Also, which one do you go to? The one on Lane has the most amazing clearance section I’ve encountered. I wish Columbus was my home base so I could go there all the time!! Have fun!

  7. It’s great to put a face with a name and learn a bit more about you!

    And you know that Half Price Books is having a 20% sale this weekend for Memorial day? Think it’s 20% entire purchase without coupon needed. 😉 Ooooh-I just noticed Erin mentioned the same thing. Anyhooooo.

  8. I agree with Trish–I love to put a face to the name! I’ve got to have my daughter check out Lush–she’s very into that kind of thing (she started out as a vegetarian and it’s led her to looking for more natural ways to do everything).

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