Book Review: Little Face

Little Face

Sophie Hannah


320 pages

Alice Fancourt is a new mother and has just left her newborn daughter for the first time after giving birth a few weeks before.  She is only gone a short time, but when she comes home, she finds her husband asleep and Florence in her crib.  Only . . . she is certain the baby she comes home to is NOT Florence.  Alice immediately phones the police and an investigation is started, but no one, including her husband, believes her.

One week later, Alice and the baby disappear together, and the police are forced to take the matter more seriously.  Add on top of that the murder of David Fancourt’s first wife a few years previously, and you have a novel of suspense on your hands.

I wrote a review just a few days ago for the first Hannah book I read, The Wrong Mother.  I loved that book so much that I decided to read more of Hannah, and I wanted to start at the beginning, so I picked up Little Face. It did not disappoint at all.  There was a strong psychological aspect, which picked up more and more as the novel went on.  I couldn’t decipher whether or not Alice was correct in her claim that the baby she came home to was not Florence.  While her husband seemed to be a caring, considerate husband at the start of the book, he quickly became abusive once Alice refused to recant her allegation that the baby was not Florence.

I am even more interested in Hannah now.  I have ordered her next book and plan on saving it for my vacation next month.  I highly recommend reading Sophie Hannah if you are on the lookout for a good literary mystery.

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I purchased this book from Barnes & Noble.

3 Responses

  1. Ahhh I’m so glad to see you liked this too!!! I will definitely be reading this soon!!

  2. I rarely read mystery novels, but I like the sound of these.

  3. I read this book aaaages ago, and it’s really sad, because I can’t remember how it ended!! I do remember loving it so, maybe I should find another copy?

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