Book Review: Every Secret Thing

Every Secret Thing

Laura Lippman


432 pages

Ronnie and Alice are 11 years old and walking home from a pool party the day everything goes wrong.  They notice a baby carriage sitting on the front porch of a home in an affluent part of Boston; inexplicably, there is a baby inside.  They kidnap the baby.  While the details remain hazy throughout the book, the reader is aware from the start that something went horribly wrong and the baby had been killed.  It is now seven years later, and both Ronnie and Alice have been released from juvie.  They are both emotionally stunted, as they spent many of their formative years in lockup, so they struggle to re-acclimate with the outside world.

Meanwhile, there is a new little girl missing.  Detectives begin to wonder whether Alice and Ronnie could be involved, and through the investigative part of the book, the reader is also clued in as to the death of the first child years ago.

I was on the lookout for a thrilling read, as I was just coming out of my reading slump and I wanted to be sure that whatever book I chose would keep me fully engaged.  I have read two of Lippman’s other stand alone books in recent months and I absolutely loved them, so I chose Every Secret Thing in the hopes that it would fit the bill. It definitely did that, although I think it was Lippman’s first book–if not, then it is very close to the first–so I feel as though she hadn’t quite hit her stride yet.  There was an amateurish note that I haven’t noticed in her more recent books.

Regardless, Lippman is fastly becoming one of my favorite mystery writers.  I plan to read the rest of her standalone novels in the order in which they were written.  I am also very interested in her Tess Monaghan series.  Of those of you that have read both, which do you prefer–her standalone books or her series? I already have Baltimore Blues downloaded for my Kindle!

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