Recent Acquisitions: 4/14/2011

Now that I am out of my slump, I have been having a hard time keeping myself from purchasing new books.  To give myself credit, I am pretty good at scouring the discount racks at B&N and they usually have some great deals, so I didn’t pay full price for most of these books.

Little Face, by Sophie Hannah: I just read The Wrong Mother, by Sophie Hannah, and that turned me into a convert.  I noticed that Tana French and Hannah seem to be linked a lot, so I thought I should give her a shot.  She is not quite the phenomenon that French is, but I really enjoyed The Wrong Mother so I thought I would go back to the beginning and read Hannah’s first book.

The Tsarina’s Daughter, by Carolly Erickson: This one has been on my TBR list for quite some time.  I have long been an avid reader of anything dealing with the Romanovs, and although I usually go for non-fiction as far as that subject matter is concerned, I definitely want to give this one a shot.  Plus it was only $5.98!

When Will There be Good News, by Kate Atkinson: Another discount deal.  I have never read anything by Atkinson but have long meant to remedy that, so I couldn’t pass this one up.  Anyone read it?

Lady of Quality/Charity Girl, by Georgette Heyer: I have read a few Heyer books and thought them witty and fun, plus Charity Girl has been on my radar for awhile, so I thought I had better pick this one up.

Delirium, Lauren Oliver: I have seen this around the blogosphere and I really enjoyed Before I Fall, so I took a chance.  I am a bit sick of dystopian fiction, but I have high hopes for this one.

Have you read any of these books?  Any thoughts?


6 Responses

  1. I picked up a cheapish copy of Little Face a while back and reviewed it on my blog last year… I didn’t really care for it very much, but it was Hannah’s debut novel, so I’m willing to believe she has gotten better. I’ve heard really good things about The Wrong Mother, which I think was her third book. Like you, I have to believe that someone who Tana French likes so much must be worthy of my time.

  2. Sadly I was really disappointed with Delirium. I expected it to be so good but it fell flat for me. I did love Before I Fall though. I hope you like Delirium better than me!

  3. Not only have I not read any of those books, I’ve never read anything at all by those authors. So nope, no thoughts.

  4. I read When Will There Be Good News a while ago. Atkinson writes some very interesting characters and this one has some great plot twists. I didn’t love it but liked it enough to give Atkinson another chance.

  5. I just bought Delirium too based on so very many positive reviews online. Gotta love bloggers! 🙂

  6. I’ve had my eye on Delirium, but I haven’t had a chance to get it from the library. Enjoy your new books!

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