Book Review: Fool Me Once

Fool Me Once: Hustlers, Hookers, Headliners and How Not to Get Screwed in Vegas

Rick Lax

St Martin’s Griffin

304 pages

I have never been to Vegas.  What’s more, I always figured Vegas just wasn’t for me.  I have had absolutely no desire to ever make the trip.  I am now going to have to rethink that stance, after reading Fool Me Once, by Rick Lax. Originally, I agreed to review this book for two reasons, the first being that I thought the title was funny.  The second reason was because I was told the humor of Fool Me Once was in the same vein as Tucker Max’s shenanigans.  I can see the comparison, but Fool Me Once is definitely a bit more polished.

Rick Lax is a lawyer by default because, while he passed the bar, he isn’t practicing law.  Instead, he decides to go to Vegas for a few weeks in order to penetrate the depths of deception.  When you think about it (which I admit I hadn’t previously), Vegas is the connoisseur of deception.  You’ve got women flaunting every fake body part known to man, magicians performing tricks on every corner (prostitutes too, and gambling going on from dusk till dawn.  Rick quickly becomes enveloped in the lifestyle, to the point where his visit goes from being a few weeks to being somewhat permanent.  The problem is, Rick thinks he is in the know, when in fact, Vegas plays his just as hard as it does everybody else.

I didn’t think the memoir was quite as seamless as it should have been.  There were points where I was unsure of what was happening, as there seemed to be absolutely no segue.  Overall though, it was a minor issue when it comes to a book that I pretty much read in two sittings.  Due to my hesitance with visiting Las Vegas in the first place, I was worried that I was too hasty in agreeing to read Fool Me Once.  What could possibly interest me about such a book?  Well, obviously I didn’t end up facing that problem.  I thought Rick was an endearing memoirist.  He seemed suave at times, but then he would act completely naïve in other situations, which made me think he would probably be pretty fun to hang out with.

If you’re looking to book that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but is able to encapsulate the chaotic nightlife of Vegas (with some Criss Angel thrown in!), you should be certain to check out Fool Me Once.

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A copy of this book was sent to me for review by the author.

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  1. I love the title as well. I really enjoyed Vegas when I visited. It think there is something for everyone and it really isn’t all about gambling anymore. I hardly gambled at all.

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