The Sunday Salon 11/07/2010

So . . . this week has been abysmally slow, blogging wise.  You may have noticed I haven’t been around all that much.  Was I busy reading? Unfortunately, no.  My reading has been just as slow as my blogging.  I started my new job this week, but I only worked one night, so I can’t really use that as an excuse!  I just had a lot going on though, and in my down time I felt way too tired to even open my Google Reader.  I did play some catch up yesterday though, finally!

This week, I have been reading Burning Bright, by Tracy Chevalier.  I love Chevalier and the book is a fictionalized account of two children that live next door to William Blake, one of my favorite poets.  Unfortunately, I am not finding this book as charismatic as Chevalier’s others–it’s just not holding my attention as well as I would have hoped.  Unfortunately, little reading will be done today, as I will be out of town for a work related event.

I hope you all enjoy your Sunday!


10 Responses

  1. I listened to Burnign Bright on audio and enjoyed it – so maybe it will perk up for you! That was my first Tracy Chevalier so sounds like the others are even better. I have at least one other in my TBR pile already. Hope you are enjoying your new job!

  2. I’ve not read Chevalier. I really should sometime…

  3. Sorry to hear Burning Bright isn’t as good as Chevalier’s previous novels…

  4. I’ve been the same… slow blogging, reading, and reading google reader. It happens and I guess we have to be okay with that, lol.

  5. Ah real life, the bane of our blogging existence! I was rather MIA for two months, and I’m still not quite fully back. It happens.

  6. I haven’t read anything by Chevalier yet, though I do have Remarkable Creatures on my shelf. Sorry to hear Burning Bright is disappointing.

  7. I do enjoy Tracy Chevalier, so I’m interested to hear your thoughts on it!

  8. I have weeks like that … and a new job can affect everything else. (I know I’ve struggled to fit in blogging since I started working part-time.)

    Happy reading!

  9. Real life can sure get in the way of our fun sometimes, can’t it? I hope the new job is going great for you.

  10. I’m in the same boat…. Just been so busy with other stuff that reading and blogging has been very slow going. Hang in there and hope you get some more reading time soon!

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