Book Review: Great Expectations

Great Expectations: Twenty Four True Stories About Childbirth

Edited by Dede Crane and Lisa Moore

House of Anansi Press

400 pages

Great Expectations is, just as the title implies, twenty four true stories about childbirth.  The majority of the stories were told from the point of view from the actual woman giving birth.  Every single woman opened up and each story was no holds barred–the way that each woman was willing to completely open up and write a story that was so intrinsic to their own being and their own families was so powerful.  Along with it, there were a handful of fathers that shared their stories as well.  I appreciated the male perspective being highlighted as well, and I thought the father’s each had a very touching story to tell, despite the fact that they did not physically endure childbirth.

I picked up this book after reading this review by The Captive Reader. My thinking was that my husband and I will likely have children fairly soon, so why not pick up this book? It did end being fairly educational for me.  I am glad I chose to read it now, as opposed to when I am actually pregnant.  Reading this book in your third trimester may be a mistake, as many of the stories are very descriptive when it comes to the amount of pain each woman endured while giving birth.  I definitely feel like it could be a bit overwhelming for someone trying to decipher their own birth plan.

This book has a very specific scope obviously, so I am not sure how many people this book would actually appeal to.  I think it is a great eye opener for women in my position that plan on having children in the near future.

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I borrowed this book from my local library.


2 Responses

  1. I remember that immediately after finishing this my main reaction was relief that I’d read it now, as a young woman still several years away from thinking about having children. Definitely not a book to read while pregnant, unless you’re very, very brave!

  2. Husband and I are still deciding whether to have kids or not (getting to that age!). I wonder if reading this will sway us to one direction or the other! My library doesn’t have it though…

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