The Sunday Salon: 10/24/2010

I can’t believe it is already Sunday again! I haven’t even started my job at Lush yet (I have to go in and fill out my paperwork later on today) but the weeks are flying by anyway.  Maybe it’s the fact that Christmas is fast approaching.  I have been trying to get my Christmas shopping done but I definitely am nowhere near done.  How is everyone else doing on the shopping front?  Have you started yet?  Are you already finished?

My reading month was great at first in regards to how many books I was reading.  That quickly stopped last week, as I was stuck on one book.  This week was the same for me in the sense that I have been reading only one book, which I haven’t even finished yet–The Lonely Polygamist, by Brady Udall.

Thank goodness my book club was canceled Thursday night because I was nowhere close to finishing the book.  It’s quite a chunkster at 600 pages but luckily it is very engrossing and readable.

I hope to get some reading time in today, but it won’t be much.  Anyone have any fun plans?

9 Responses

  1. Very intriguing titgle! Hope you are enljoying it!

    Sunday Salon: New Reads

  2. Haven’t thought about Xmas at all! I might be giving books that I already have!

    Sunday Salon: New Reads

  3. I haven’t even thought about the holidays! Go you for getting a head start.

  4. I started my Christmas shopping last week but I still have some more things I need to buy. I’m glad you’re enjoying The Lonely Polygamist!

  5. Whoa, Christmas shopping…is it that time of year again already?? Ack. I’m still reveling in autumn: chilly mornings, falling leaves, pumpkins and football.

    I have a copy of The Lonely Polygamist that I haven’t gotten to yet. Glad to hear it’s engrossing and readable!

  6. Christmas shopping in October?? Surely you jest.

  7. Christmas shopping? I’m impressed. I ‘m looking forward to reading The Lonely Polygamist too, so I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it!

  8. I haven’t started my Christmas shopping at all yet. The Lonely Polygamist has an intriguing title, but I haven’t seen it before. I’ll have to give it a closer look.

  9. Curious as to what the group thought of this one??

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