The Sunday Salon 10-17-10

Happy Sunday all! This has been a pretty busy week for me, and I feel like my blogging and reading suffered for it. It’s probably only going to keep getting worse in that respect, as I got a second job this week.  I am actually really happy about it because it is a job I really wanted, with an all natural bath and body company called Lush.

I haven’t started working yet but hopefully soon.  Having extra money for the holidays will be a nice perk too!

As far as my reading goes, I finished Wintergirls last Sunday, and since then my reading has taken a hit since then.  I haven’t finished a book since then, although I am only a few pages from the end of Dewey’s Nine Lives, by Vicki Myron.  My book club is meeting on Thursday and I haven’t even started the book yet. I need to get some reading done stat but I am not sure whether I will have a lot of time for reading today.  Booooo!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and hopefully you get more reading done than I plan to!

12 Responses

  1. At least your second job is at a place you wanted, right? Happy Sunday. 🙂

  2. I LOVE Lush! I read Dewey last year, a cute book about an even cuter cat!

  3. I love Lush! And I especially love how I can smell their stores from afar even before I notice that there’s one on the street where I am 😀 Good luck with the new job!

  4. Ooh, Lush is one of my favorites! Actually, I was just there yesterday, stocking up. Though I think if I had an employee discount there, I’d spend my whole paycheck before leaving the store!

    Congrats on the new job 🙂

  5. LUSH is lovely, congratulations on the job!

  6. …and hopefully you’ll be able to take home free samples of lovely smelling soaps!

  7. LUSH – wonderful! I just discovered their products – congratulations!!

  8. OMG I LOVE LUSH!!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmm I’m jealous. The store smells fabulous, and the products are amazing.

  9. Congratulations on the job! I love the smell whenever I walk past a Lush shop, although I’ve never actually bought anything from there.

  10. my wife loves lush ,and I ve had couple of the bath bombs my self great fun ,all the best stu

  11. Congrats on your job at Lush. I’ve not tried their products but most of my friends rave about them!

  12. The first time I ever went into a Lush store, I was in Japan. Fun! Enjoy your job!

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