The Sunday Salon, 10-3-2010

Happy Sunday everyone! I am relaxing in bed for a bit while my husband makes me breakfast.  In a little while the girls of the family are going apple and pumpkin picking.  I am so excited!I have a feeling that I will be baking up a storm within the next week or two.

This week has been slow for me, reading wise.  This is due, in part, to my stepdaughter being here all week.  She was off of school all week for a fall break, so she got to spend the week with us.

I finished I’d Know You Anywhere, by Laura Lippman, last Sunday and since then, I have been reading The Little Stranger, by Sarah Waters.  I’ll admit, I am finding it slow going right now.  I have about 200 pages left and I feel like there is just not much going on.  At this point, I prefer her other novels that I have read.I was already skeptical since The Little Stranger is not set in Victorian London, like the other Waters novels that I have read, but I don’t even think that is the problem.  Hopefully the book starts to pick up for me.

I am not sure that I will get a lot of reading done today, but I hope everyone else does!

13 Responses

  1. I’ve heard a lot of people say similar things about The LIttle Stranger. I hope it picks up for you soon!

  2. are you going to bake an apple pie? I am itchingnto bake something and something apply sounds heavenly. hope you get some enjoyable reading done, too.

  3. Your husband is cooking breakfast?? What a lucky woman! Have fun apple picking. I’m making an apple cake this afternoon.

  4. My reading is non-existent! And no reason for that either!

    Here is my Sunday Salon post!

  5. I’ve heard some pretty mixed responses about The Little Stranger with people skipping a good portion of the book in the middle and not feeling like they missed anything. I’m interested to hear your perspective when you finish reading it!

    Wow — breakfast made by the hubby! What a wonderful way to start the morning off! 🙂

  6. I loved The Little Stranger but I can understand why you might not be enjoying it, because it is quite slow in places and very different to her Victorian novels.

    Good luck with the baking!

  7. Hmm, that’s interesting to hear about The Little Stranger. I know there have been some mixed reviews. I have this one out from the library now, but perhaps I won’t feel too bad if it has to go back before I get to it.

  8. I’ve heard good things about the Waters book, so I hope it gets better for you! Have fun pumpkin picking!

  9. Ooh, apple picking…that’s one of my very favorite fall activities! I haven’t gotten to go yet this year. I always have trouble figuring out what to do with all the apples I end up with, though!

  10. Hope your fruit picking was wildly successful!

  11. Have fun apple picking!! I should try that. One of my goals for this winter is to learn to bake.

  12. Breakfast in Bed sounds perfect!! I have heard so many great things about Waters books but haven’t read one yet. Maybe I won’t start with Little Stranger!

  13. Breakfast in bed…how wonderful! And to follow that up with pumpkins rocks. I love Halloween and falling leaves and pumpkins and candy. 🙂

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