Book Review:Wait Until Twilight

Wait Until Twilight

Sang Pak

Harper Paperbacks

241 pages

It’s RIP time!!!  I did not waste any time choosing my first book for the RIP challenge.  Coincidentally, it wasn’t even on my list of books for RIP V, so go figure.

Samuel Polk is a high school sophomore.  He is a pretty typical teenage boy and is often found hanging out with his friends.  He is required for school to do a video project, and one of his friends suggests that he record a set of deformed triplets for shock effect.  Sam and his friend go to the home of the triplets, and Sam is immediately disgusted by the triplets.  They have severe deformities—they each have one eye the size of a saucer whereas their other eye is the size of a quarter.  Some of their appendages are just stumps with tiny fingernails stuck willy nilly on the ends.  They make weird shrieking sounds instead of talking or crying.  Samuel is so affected by the sight of the triplets that he immediately rushes outside and vomits.

From that point on, Sam is unable to forget the triplets.  Despite his initial reaction, he still feels compassion for them and wants to make sure they’re doing well.  One of the following times he ventures back to their home, their mother is gone and their adult brother Daryl is “watching” them.  Sam quickly realizes that Daryl is a sadistic freak who does not agree that the triplets are a gift from God.  He torments them and abuses them, and although Samuel tries to stop it, he had been unable to determine the type of monster Daryl is.

Daryl is definitely one of the scariest villains I have come across in awhile.  Some of the scenes involving Daryl were very difficult to read, due both to his cruelty to the triplets as well as his cruelty to animals.  I actually felt chills for Sam as he attempted to allude Daryl.

The writing style was not as fine tuned or polished as I would have hoped.  It was definitely evident that Wait Until Twilight was a debut novel, if only due to that factor. I felt like Pak focused too much on the mundane—he gave us way too many details that were in no way relevant to the story.  Details are all fine and good, but in this case I felt like it was distracting and it took my focus away from the main points of the book.  It also made me wonder as I was reading the book whether there was a relevance to certain details that would come out later.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

Despite the major flaws, Wait Until Twilight was an intensely readable book.  I was sucked in from page one and would have finished the book much sooner had I not had to go to a pesky little thing called work.  I wish the triplets had been more a core of the book.  There were times where I just wanted to know what was happening with them and wanted more of a glimpse into their world, which I didn’t get.

So I guess you could say that while I was definitely entertained by this book, it suffered from a lack of a critical eye.  I don’t mean to deter anyone because it is a truly creepy book that is wonderfully fitting for RIP!

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I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review.
This book counts towards the RIP V challenge.

8 Responses

  1. Sounds really interesting! I’m not surprised the book is creepy because that cover totally creeps me out!

  2. Oh, wow, this one sounds freaky!! And kind of unforgettable as well, with such unique characters. Is it a YA book? Would it be ok for an almost-13 year old who is a pretty sophisticated reader?

    • Oh yes, I think it would be fine for a 13 year old. There is one issue that comes up that is quite mature. I would rather not state it here, as it kind of spoils the book, but I would be happy to talk to you about it over e-mail.

  3. Creepy is definitely the word that comes to mind reading this review. But I like creepy so thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Eeck, this does sound creepy, and odd. I’m not sure I want to read this! Maybe though. Interesting concept.

  5. Sounds intriguing and not one I’ve heard of before, might just have to pop it down on my never ending tbr list.

  6. I’m glad to hear it’s good…and creepy. I love creepy, and a co-worker gave me this book awhile back. I’ll have to dig it out.

  7. I had forgotten about this book. I had seen reviews of it previously and really wanted to read it!

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