The Sunday Salon

Happy Sunday everyone!  You may have noticed (or perhaps not) that I didn’t post last Sunday.  I think that is the first time since I started this blog that I have missed a Sunday Salon.  Things have just been so busy and sometimes life gets in the way of blogging.  I am back though and raring to go!

It’s pretty rainy here right now and I am back in bed now watching TV and catching up on my blogging.  Hubby and I slept in today and that went to Waffle House before we had to take the four hour drive to drop my stepdaughter off.  Now I am just ready to relax the rest of the night.  Hopefully I will get to read a little more today–I would like to get some more of The Brothers Karamazov read because while I did have a head start on the read-a-long, I have now fallen behind!

Since my last TSS, I have read Imperfect Birds, by Anne Lamott, How to Mellify a Corpse, by Vicki Leon, Charity Girl, by Michael Lowenthal and Wildly Romantic, by Catherine Andronik.  Today I finished The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.  I will admit that I didn’t want to read this one at all–it just didn’t speak to me.  I did finally give in though because I figured there must be a reason everyone is gushing over it.  I hate to say I think my gut reaction was right–this book was ok, but not great.  So I will admit to being a little disappointed.  I have now moved onto The Color Purple, by Alice Walker, for the read-a-long that is cohosted by Nicole over at Linus’s Blanket. 

I hope everyone enjoys the end of their weekend!

13 Responses

  1. Too bad about Guernsey! I really enjoyed that one. Sleeping in, Waffle House (I like my hash browns scattered, smothered, and covered), reading, and watching tv in bed…wow, what a wonderful Sunday!

  2. I would love to do a read-a-long with other bloggers. I must seek these out.

  3. Sorry you were disappointed by Guernsey – it was such a sweet, satisfying read for me. Guess that means you need to trust your instincts next time, lol!

    Read-alongs are the best! Wuthering Heights was my first one, but I’ll definitely join another in the fall. Have a great week…

  4. I adored Guernsey, but I think I read it at just the right time. I was in the mood for something squishy and soft and warm and fuzzy. Do you know what I mean? I wanted a sweet book that made me feel good, and that’s what it accomplished.

    Brothers Karamazov still scares me. A good friend of mine read it in high school, and for the live of me I couldn’t imagine how she lugged that thing around. Only now that I’m 30 do I even think of attempting it.

  5. I’m sad that you didn’t like Guernsey more! I really loved it, but I guess we’re all different. =)

    I liked The Brothers Karamazov when I read it, but it’s definitely an investment in both time and brain power. Good luck with it!

  6. Sorry you didn’t like Guernsey since I was a gusher. I loved The Color Purple and hope you do too.

  7. How did you like “Wildly Romantic” by Andronik? This is one I read a few months ago.

    Sorry you didn’t like “Guernsey” — I liked it a lot. But not every book can be for everyone.

    I read “The Color Purple” years ago — I’d need to re-read it to remember all of it ( I did see the movie also).

  8. Isn’t it frustrating when you don’t enjoy a book everyone else loves?! I haven’t read Guernsey yet…I’m worried I won’t love it. lol

  9. I’m afraid I enjoyed the Guernsey too. I thought the letter format worked very well. I read the Color Purple a long long time ago. I think I remember feeling worthy afterwards. And tired.
    The Brothers Karamazov still lies ahead. But it reminds me hearing someone wonder if it would be such a high brow hit if it was called the The Karamazov Brothers instead.
    (Just begun Underworld by Don DeLillo.)

  10. Okay I know I’m late to the party here, but I must say… Waffle House!!!!! 😀 I love Waffle House. We don’t have any in San Antonio, but every time we go to Louisiana we go. 😀

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