Sunday Salon

Happy Sunday Salon everyone!  More importantly, Happy Father’s Day!  We are going out to dinner much later to celebrate, but for the meantime it’s a lazy Sunday thankfully!

This week I read Dismantled, by Jennifer McMahon.  Truthfully, I am not sure how I feel about it at this point.  There were definitely some aspects about the book I liked but at the same time, some parts of the book irritated me.

I am now reading 31 Bond Street, by Ellen Horan.  It is the type of fiction I love–old, Victorian era crime fiction based on true events.  So far, it is very good and I hope to finish it shortly.

Now, I have a question–I often read other posts about bloggers who are concerned about posting a negative review when they were sent a review copy by the publisher or author.  I have always been firm about giving a negative review regardless of where or how you got the book.  But now I have a bit of a quandry.  I got a book for review and I only got about ten pages into it before I couldn’t go on.  I don’t even think it’s fair for me to write a DNF post because I really didn’t even get far enough into the book.  I am thinking I will give the book another chance in a week or two to see if I can get further into it and maybe even enjoy it.  Has anyone else had that experience where you felt like you didn’t even get far enough into a review book to give any type of review?  What did you do?

I am off now to breakfast with my husband and then hopefully I will get some reading done before dinner.  Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

3 Responses

  1. Recently I had to review a book for a blog tour. I started reading it and less than fifty pages in, the book didn’t hold my interest, so I wrote my first DNF review. I hated to do it but I was honest.

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. I recently had this problem as well, and I’m interested to see how people respond to know what I should do! I just refuse to keep reading a book that doesn’t hold my interest – which is odd since two years ago I finished every single book I picked up regardless of how much I didn’t like it. Now I just realize there are too many excellent books out there to spend time on the bad ones. It is a conundrum though when you received the book to review. Maybe we should just have giveaways – be honest but pass the book on to someone who might appreciate it more????

  3. You could always write a DNF post saying why it didn’t grab your attention and say you’re willing to give it another try in the future..

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