The Sunday Salon


My Sunday Salon this week will be pretty condensed.  Our household computer has an awful virus.  Hopefully it is remedieed soon but in the mean time I am typing on my fiance’s laptop.  I am not a fan of laptops and it sucks not having my normal computer with all my information on it, so until my computer is fixed, I doubt I will be on the computer much.

This week, my reading was as follows:

I finished The Book of Fires, by Jane Borodale

I read Saving CeeCee Honeycutt

Because my wedding will be in New Orleans (5/13/2010), I had compiled a list of New Orleans based reading for everyone to choose from for the trip.  Everyone that will be in New Orleans for the wedding got a copy of the list, so we’ll see if anyone is as enthusiastic as me!  I doubt I will read much from the list until the wedding is a little closer, but I did go ahead and read Images of America: New Orleans Cemeteries, by Eric Brock.  My fiance wasn’t too thrilled at the prospect of traipsing through cemeteries on our honeymoon, but the architecture and grandeur of the cemeteries down there can’t be ignored!

I am now reading The Gathering, by Anne Enright.  It was the winner of The Man Booker prize in 2007 and will be my first book towards The Man Booker Reading Challenge of 2010. 

Since I am a little remiss in posting my Library Loot, I will go ahead and include it now.  I got three books this week:

I had to get The Shack for my book club but I admit I am unsure about it.  I have heard that the story is ok, but that the writing technique is very subpar.  I will give it a chance but I don’t intend on reading it all the way through if what I have heard turns out to be true.

How is your Sunday?  Anyone getting a lot of reading done?  Unfortunately, I am not–I wish I could spend the whole day reading!

9 Responses

  1. Wedding in NOLA? Cool! 🙂

  2. Even if you don’t like The Shack – you’ll have no trouble whipping through it – it is really a quick read.

    Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

  3. A wedding with a reading list? Even cooler! ;-D

  4. I love that you compiled a reading list for your wedding! That is so awesome. I hope everyone else is enthusiastic and that your planning is going really well.

  5. […] those of you who read my last Sunday Salon post, I recently compiled a list of books for my trip to New Orleans in May.  I sent the list to […]

  6. I’m going to steal your idea…How about: If you want to come to my house for Thanksgiving, you must first read this list of books! I like it.

  7. A reading list for a wedding — great idea. Gives people something to talk about at the reception.

  8. Congrats on your upcoming wedding. And sounds like fun to make your reading geographically related to that!

  9. I think that compiling a reading list for a wedding is awesome! I’m not sure a couple of my family members would like it, but they will get over it!

    Enjoy your loot, and good luck with your wedding preparations.

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