Book Review: The Dead of Night

The Dead of Night

John Marsden


278 pages

The Dead of Night is book #2 in the Tomorrow series by John Marsden.  Forgive me for this review in advance, seeing as how my memory is a bit fuzzy–although I only read this book two weeks ago, vacation and the holidays have blurred my memory.

For those of you who haven’t read the first review, I will try to avoid spoilers.  Basically, in the first book is about Ellie and her friends, who have gone on a camping trip in the Australian Bush only to find that their family and friends have all been captured and encamped by enemy invaders.  They immediately retreat back to thebush in order to hide and avoid capture.  Book #2 begins after they have been in hiding for a few weeks.

Book #2 is much the same as #1.  Filled with a lot of action and contrivance, the kids try to protect their freedom while also attempting to gain ground against the invaders.  In comparison to the first book, I think The Dead of Night was just as enthralling and fun to read.  I found myself rooting for Ellie and her friends while admiring their tenacity and ingenuity.  I can’t understand why this series has been so overlooked, because as far as YA dystopian fiction goes, I think this series (at least so far) is right up there with the best of them!

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One Response

  1. Though I’ve not yet reviewed the books I’ve read in this series (I’m about to start book four) I agree 100%. It is a wonderful read especially for the YA/dystopian lover. How it’s managed to be so overlooked is beyond me.

    I’m glad you have been enjoying it.

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