Book Review: New Moon

New Moon

Stephenie Meyer

Little, Brown and Company

563 pages

Do you ever feel guilty for not liking a book?  I don’t *usually*, however such was not the case for Stephenie Meyer’s New Moon.  Part of the problem probably had to do with the fact that my boyfriend bought me the three final books of the series after I read Twilight, so I don’t want him to feel bad.  A large part of it though is the fact that everyone else loves these books—what am I missing?  After reading Twilight, I wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about, but I thought maybe the other three books would be more engaging.  Now, after reading New Moon, I am even more perplexed.

As probably EVERYONE knows, New Moon begins with Edward leaving Bella and moving away from Forks with his family.  I will give Meyer credit that she skipped the three months after the break-up so that we didn’t have to bear witness to Bella’s moping about.  Ok, we still did, but it looks like it would have been much worse in those first three months.  Eventually, Bella turns to Jacob Black for comfort.  She happens to have ulterior motives, but she and Jacob form a bond right away and become really close.  Of course, Bella cannot fall in love with Jacob because Edward is her “true love”.  I think this was a huge mistake on Bella’s part!  I can’t stand either Bella, and while Edward doesn’t do anything to annoy me specifically, I still don’t find many redeeming qualities about him.  But I love Jacob!  He can do much better than Bella.

Another major issue I had with New Moon is that it totally ripped off Romeo & Juliet.  You know it’s coming because the references to R&J throughout the book are plentiful.  The way Meyer substituted Edward and Bella for Romeo and Juliet angered me because it was so blatant.  Maybe had I liked the book better to begin with, it would not have seemed like such a major faux pas to me—who knows.  It just made the whole plot line seem unoriginal, especially because Meyer obviously wanted us to notice that it was a reference to R&J.

It is safe to say that after reading New Moon, I am on Team Jacob.  Whether it matters at all is yet to be seen because I haven’t decided yet if I will continue on with the series.  Like I mentioned before, I have the other two books but at this point I have no desire to read them and I really don’t foresee myself liking them either.  Now if there were a series that revolved around Jacob and his “friends” that did NOT make any mention of Bella Swan, it would be on!!

I read this book as part of Seriespalooza over at Galleysmith

This is generally the point where I link to other reviews, but because there are SO MANY, I am going to take the lazy way out and skip this part!

I purchased this book

6 Responses

  1. I couldn’t finish Twilight – didn’t see what the fuss was about, Bella really annoyed me with her flair for the dramatic, and, some of the writing was very cheesy.

    I probably won’t be reading this book, and, it’s good to know that I’m not missing out.

    Sorry you didn’t enjoy it.

  2. I’ve read all four books but I must admit I skimmed LARGE portions of New Moon. I can only take so much teen angst at a time. You are not alone 🙂

  3. I really hated this book. From the 4 months labeled one page each at the beginning, to Jacob turning from a good friend to a raging idiot, I fumed. I liked the first book okay. It was nothing special, but it wasn’t bad. This one was HORRIBLE.

  4. I didn’t like this book.

  5. I loved the entire Twilight series, but mainly b/c I was a Jacob fan and I pulled for him the entire time! Still, being a fan of the series, I really liked your review of the book!

  6. Jacob kept me reading. He was the only character I liked. I really don’t understand why so many women adore these books. I read them and found them alternately mildly entertaining and annoying.

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