Library Loot

Library Loot is a weekly meme hosted by Marg and Eva.

I got a few library books this week.  I have been trying to control myself recently because I would like to be able to actually read all the books I check out!  A crazy idea, I know.  I will say that I only picked up my reserves–I did not even browse, so in that sense I was good.  Anyway, here is what I got.

This brings my current pile of library books to 25.  How many books do you have out from the library right now?


11 Responses

  1. Dead of Night! I just finished reading book 5 of the Tomorrow Series…some good stuff!

    I think I have 29 books out from the library right now. It’s really become an addiction of mine…instead of putting a book on my to-read list, I just order it from the library. I suppose there’s no harm, and they appear to allow endless renewal as long as no one is wanting it.

  2. I had a visceral reaction to The Blue Notebook. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on that one.

  3. Yay for French Milk! The cover of A Certain Slant of Light is interesting…I hope you read that one so I can find out more about it. 😀

  4. You’ve got a lot of great books checked out! I really enjoyed French Milk and hope you do too.

  5. You’ve got some really neat looking loot. A couple are on my TBR list right now, actually (A Certain Slant of Light, The Blue Notebook) and others look really interesting (Slam, French Milk). And if I were smart I would put the breaks on my own library borrowing. My one pile has become two piles and I don’t know how I will ever finish them all!

  6. I LOVE the cover of The Blue Notebook. GEORGOUS!

    Thanks for stopping by! I have now added you to my blog roll!

  7. I finally managed to whittle my library pile down to about 11 or 12. Used to be near 30. Whew!

  8. Just checked (and a good thing, too, because one of my items — and I have no recollection of checking it out!) now has a fine of more than 2 bucks. Have to get that one back posthaste) and I have 14 items out. To be fair, 2 are DVDs. I have 8 items on reserve. I just finished John Sandford’s latest, and quite enjoyed it. (I think the name is “Rough Country” — it’s a Lucas Davenport spinoff, featuring Virgil Flowers as the cop.) And then, even though I have others, I’m just sort of stuck! So I’m re-reading for the 1,100th time, “Betsy’s Wedding,” of Betsy-Tacy-Tib. I own that one, as I own the other one I’m reading, a non-fiction book about living with bipolar disorder, “Blessed with Bipolar: 36 God-Given Gifts of Manic-Depression. (I have a relative with bipolar disorder, so it’s a topic, if not near to my heart, at least close to home.) The author makes the point that you can not only SURVIVE bipolar, but actually use it to succeed — it’s a message of hope.

    And I think after that, I’m going to go on to a mystery, “The House on Tradd Street” — it’s one I never would have known about except for reading book blogs. So I’m kind of excited about that one.

  9. I’m so looking forward to Nick Hornby’s new novel. A Long Way Down was hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing. I haven’t heard of the rest except French Milk which sounds like a cute read.

  10. I read through all the Tomorrow series, including the Ellie Chronicles afterward. Good stuff.

    I have over 80 things out on my library card, but that includes a pile of picture books and a few CDs. I’m trying to get under 40, but that requires self-restraint…

  11. I don’t know how many library books I have out-I’d bet it’s more than 25, though! 🙂 French Milk is a quick read, at least.

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