Library Loot

Library Loot is a weekly meme hosted by Eva and Marg.

Yes, I know–I have absolutely NO business going to the library.  But I feel like I was able to control myself well and besides–what choice did I have?  I had a hold to pick up!  And boy is it a good one!

Now, I already read the book.  In fact, I read it the second it came out pretty much.  I was even lucky enough to meet Chelsea in person and get a signed copy.  But then I figured listening to the book must be even more hysterical than reading it, considering that Handler is the narrator!  So after being waitlisted for what seems like forever, I finally picked up the audiobook this afternoon.

And then I got two books after rummaging through the new arrivals.

Did you pick up anything good this week?

4 Responses

  1. Amy and Isabelle was popular with my book club when it first came out, and Olive Kitteridge will likely appear on my list of favorites this year. I should really read Strout’s other novel, Abide With Me.

    T.C. Boyle one of my newer favorites, but I haven’t heard much about this book. Will look forward to your thoughts.

  2. I have wanted to read The Women ever since I read Loving Frank – FLW is such an interesting man.

  3. The cover of Amy & Isabelle has me curious what that loop of hair is for.

  4. Love the cover of The Women! 🙂 I listened to Nora Ephron’s book of essays earlier this year, and I think her voice reading them made them even funnier.

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