Library Loot

library-lootLibrary Loot is a weekly meme hosted by Marg and Eva.

I am happy to say I have been restraining myself when it comes to the library.  The cold, hard truth is that I currently have 15 library books checked out that I have yet to read.  That may not seem like a lot to some people, but I do my best to read equally between four categories–books I own, books I have from Bookswim, review copies and library books.  I generally read an average of two books a week, which means a library book ever two weeks.  So you see, I will never be able to get through 15 books before they are due back.  Yes, I will just return them and then check them back out later when I have less books out.  But still.  I want to read them all NOW 🙂

But anyway, here are the two I picked up this week.












I am super excited to read both!

What did you get from the library this week?

6 Responses

  1. I’ve checked out a few books from the library this week and just found out I have a ton waiting for me. I feel the same way you do, I might have to turn a few books in unread. I really don’t want to. May just have to try to read faster. Happy reading.

  2. I have two Augusten Burroughs already in my TBR pile but that one is calling to me for the Christmas readign challenge I am thinking about entering! It’s an addiction, I know.

  3. I just read THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH and enjoyed it more than I thought I would with the zombies in it. It’s the first in a series and I am looking forward to reading the next one.

  4. Very jealous of The Forest of Hands and Teeth! I’d love to read that. I don’t let the fact that I can’t possibly read my library books in time stop me from getting them, LOL. It’s a little rarer for people to put books on hold over here, and I tend to read off the beaten path from the library, so I often find myself renewing and renewing and renewing.

  5. One day I will read the Carrie Ryan book! I have to say that the other cover is very attention grabbing!

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