Book Review: I Love You, Beth Cooper

ILoveYouTIPB_1I Love You, Beth Cooper

Larry Doyle


273 pages

It is about time I got to reviewing my last read-a-thon choice.  Of the four books I read during the read-a-thon, this one was my least favorite.  And I am not sure it had anything to do with the book.  I seemed to find an overwhelming consensus that a lot of readers enjoyed their last book the least.  It’s no wonder—I finished I Love You, Beth Cooper at 5am!  By then, I was just completely depleted, so I am not sure it got a fair shot.  To be honest, by the time I finished it, my brain had almost stopped functioning completely; I could barely following the simplest of sentences.  So please, this review is probably not one of the most objective reviews you’ll read on this book!

I Love You, Beth Cooper, is the story of valedictorian Denis Cooverman.  The book opens with Denis (whose name is unfortunately one letter away from spelling Penis) giving a speech to his peers during high school graduation, wherein he bites the bullet and announces “I love you, Beth Cooper”.  He is shocked to find out that Beth is not repulsed by his announcement and he invites her to his home later that night for a “party”.  Beth eventually shows up to his house later that night, where Denis and his friend are waiting amidst bags of chips and pots of salsa, and Denis, Beth and their collective three friends proceed to spend a night of debauchery getting into various skirmishes, some involving Beth’s boyfriend, a meathead named Kevin, whom they spend the entire night trying to escape.

I Love You, Beth Cooper is Larry Doyle’s attempt at satire.  And it works.  It is funny and witty and made me think of all the silly high school movies, such as Can’t Hardly Wait.  I wish I hadn’t read it during the read-a-thon though, or at least not during the end, because I couldn’t appreciate the satire as much.  I expected the book to be more obviously comedic than it was.  I expected it to hold my attention better than it did.  And while I appreciated Doyle’s attempt at humor and poking fun at the teen movies out there, I found the book to be too closely related to those movies.  Meaning, it seemed too similar to Can’t Hardly Wait instead of actually poking fun at it.

I doubt I will see the movie.  I am sure it’s funny, but I am not a movie fan in general, and there is nothing special enough about the book to entice me to see the movie.  I would bethcooper1recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a funny, light hearted read.  Because despite its faults, I Love You, Beth Cooper really is a humorous read.  And as a side note, something that may have improved the book would be the addition of more cartoon side drawings in the book.  The entire reason I bought it was because, when flipping through the book, I saw some random cartoon depictions in the text depicting the storyline, but when reading the book, the cartoons were actually very sparse.  The inclusion of more drawings would have spiced the book up some more for me and given the book an edge.

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5 Responses

  1. I imagine your brain was fried at 5 am! I couldn’t have done it. The book sounds like fun to me.

  2. Sorry you had such a lukewarm experience with this book. I remember really enjoying it, but at the same time I have to admit to not remembering the details very well. It was one of those quick, fun reads that my brain promptly deletes or at least fuzzes up right after finishing.

  3. When I saw the previews for the film version of the novel, I immediately thought of “Can’t Hardly Wait”! I think I’ll probably skip this one… like you, I’m not sure it could hold my attention. But kudos for sticking it out and finishing during the readathon — that’s awesome!

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