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WG Book Pile URL_thumb[3]Suggested by Barbara H: I was wanting to try a certain author and wished I knew someone who had read her works so I could get a recommendation when it occurred to me that having a “YOU ask the question” Booking Through Thursday might be fun. Each participant could ask a question they’ve wanted to discuss with other readers. Perhaps, like me, you’d like a recommendation of a certain author’s best work, or perhaps you LOVE a certain genre or series but no one else you know does and you’d just like to discuss it with someone. Or perhaps you want to try a new genre and would like recommendations from seasoned readers. It would help if everyone put some idea of the question or topic in their response comment here rather than just saying, “My post is up” so that those who can’t get around to everyone can see what the topics are and get to those which most interest them.

What a fun BTT! My question is two-fold I suppose. First off, what is a book that is SO different from what I normally read (if you don’t have an idea of what my books generally consist of, there is a tab at the top of my site with the books I’ve read so far this year—it shows a pretty good idea of what I generally choose. Mostly literary fiction with a bit of YA thrown in) that you would recommend for me to read anyway because you think I’d like it. Some genres that I stay away from are sci-fi, fantasy, romance . . . so it could be from one of those.


What is a book that YOU never thought you’d enjoy. A book that was from a genre you’re unfamiliar with but that you read that one time and fell in love with.

Feel free to answer one or both (or neither!) question.

9 Responses

  1. Try the Out of the Silent Planet Series by C.S. Lewis. It’s sci-fi with some mythology in it. I liked it.

  2. Fantasy/Sci-Fi is not my genre either. This past year I have read a couple of YA books that fit into this genre that I loved…Graceling, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, The Gemma Doyle Trilogy and the adult The Host.

  3. Have you ever tried graphic novels? How about Persepolis?

  4. My suggestion would be to try Guy Gavriel Kay. He’s a fantasy writer, but his books don’t have much overt magic in them. They are more reimagined history with a touch of magic and stunning characters. I think they’re very accessible plus I adore them! I would recommend Tigana or The Lions of al-Rassan.

  5. First, let me say that you’ve read some GREAT books this year! My suggestion would be to try some short stories. This year, I’ve really loved both Olive Kitteridge (connected stories) by Elizabeth Strout and Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri. I’m also slowly making my way through Louise Erdrich’s The Red Convertible now, and plan to read some of her novels next year.

  6. I have never thought I would be a fan of memoirs but I have read 2 that I thoroughly enjoyed. Friends Like These by Danny Wallace and Everything Sucks by Hannah Friedman. They were funny, honest and completely entertaining.
    I think my biggest surprise would be Good Omens by sci-fi authors Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. I immediately fell in love and have been bugging my neighborhood used bookstore incessantly looking for other titles by these authors. Highly recommend.

  7. Try the book Uncharted by Angela Hunt. It really makes you think long after you’ve read it. I love all her books.

  8. I can happily second Christine on Neil Gaiman. He took much inspiration for his funny stuff from the great Douglas Adams. Everyone should read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

    Contemporary science fiction is something I’ve not read much, but am quickly working my way through John Scalzi’s amazing books. Old Man’s War is the perfect mix if action and intellect set in a universe not to far in the future from ours.

    Short stories happen to be one of my favorite forms of fiction. I would recommend any Issac Asimov short stories or Stephen King’s Skeleton Crew, not too scary.

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