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btt2What’s the saddest book you’ve read recently?

I honestly feel that I haven’t been reading any horribly depressing books recently.  Sure, almost every book has sad bits in it, but a book that actually strikes me as sad is harder to come by.  One such book that was more sad than not was How it Ends, by Laura Weiss.  I was almost brought to tears, which rarely happens with books for me.  I just was heartbroken over the lapsed relationship between Helen, the older neighborly woman and Hanna, the teenage protagonist.  Helen was dying of Parkinson’s and losing all her faculties, which was very traumatic.  She was also rehashing the previous events of her life, which involved many trials and tribulations.  If you’re looking to get a good cry, this book would be a good choice!


Another book that comes to mind is Divisadero, by Michael Ondaatje.  It’s a very lyric book that is low on plot, but what does occur in the book is very disturbing.  The three main characters, Anna, Coop, and Claire, all have this sense of acute melancholy about them that just permeates the entire book.


I want to hear from everyone else now–what is the saddest book you’ve read recently?

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  1. I read a memoir about cancer and will start one of domestic violence. Here is mine

  2. How I lIve Now, by Meg Rosoff. While I wasn’t crazy about the book, there was this one scene with a goat that was SO sad.

  3. I try to avoid sad books, but sometimes stuff creeps up on me. I really liked this YA series about a young girl who finds her face on the back of a milk carton as a missing child. But there were several sad parts of it. Kids going through the puberty years of doubt are hard times to read!

  4. Interesting choices. I keep meaning to read the English Patient by Ondaatje, but haven’t had the time.

    My choice was a novel about a woman who is in love with a man who is in love with another woman called ‘Voice Over’. Very French and very complicated!

  5. I chose The Crying Tree by Naseem Rakha. It is a sad book, no doubt.

    Booking through Sad Ones

  6. I’m not much drawn to sad books. But there’ve been scenes in various books that have made me cry!

  7. The saddest that I have read in the past year was The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion, the grief was overpowering. I have Divisadero on my shelf, I need to get to it!

    p.s. thanks for all of your comments on my blog!

  8. I don’t necessarily consider sad to be depressing. I enjoy reading the more poignant books that bring out emotion in me. I listed three recent ‘sad’ books, but they are also among my favorites. One that I did forget to mention in post was Ellen Foster by Kaye Gibbons.

  9. I think the most depressing, sad book that I’ve ever read was Angela’s Ashes. I also thought The Road was pretty depressing but also beautiful in a sense, so that doesn’t count.

  10. South of Broad was heartbreaking…but not sure if I would classify it as “sad”. I haven’t read a “sad” book in quite a while.

  11. The Road was the most miserable book I ever read. I think I was too horror struck to cry. I have been avoiding sad ones these days, but I know a book is good if I am moved to tears.

  12. Very much looking forward to How It Ends!

  13. It is amazing how a book can tug at your emotions. Nice choices. My selection was The Road by Cormac McCarthy. I am still pondering.

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