BTT: Recent Good

btt2What’s the most enjoyable, most fun, most just-darn-entertaining book you’ve read recently?

(Mind you, this doesn’t necessarily mean funny, since we covered that already. Just … GOOD.)

Well . . . this is a tough one for me.  Not quite sure why.  I’m just trying to think back and decide which book best fits that category.  I think I would have to say Wild Nights!, by Joyce Carol Oates, only because it was so different.  She took five well known authors (Emily Dickinson, Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe, Henry James and Ernest Hemingway) and wrote a fictionalized short story about them–for the most part, the stories dealt with a fictionalized time of their life, or even their death, except for in the case of Emily Dickinson, which was perhaps my favorite story.  If your a fan of JCO, or even if your not, this book is a great read and I highly recommend it.

Wild_Nights_94106gm-aWhat is your answer?


8 Responses

  1. I never heard of this book, but it looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I just saw this at the library yesterday and wondered about it. Maybe I’ll go back today and bring it home!

  3. I love Joyce Carol Oates! I’ve never read this novel before; I’ll have to give it a try. My entertaining novel for Thursday was Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris.

  4. I had this book in from the library and didn’t get to read it. It looked good when I picked it up and now that you mention how fun it is, I might have to get it again.

  5. I have never read anything by Joyce Carol Oates but I think it’s about time!

  6. This sounds like something right up my alley. I am definitely going to have to check this out.

  7. Sounds great, in all my reading I have yet to read anything by Oates – a real hole in my education!

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