BBAW Day Two: Interviewing Myself

BBAW_Celebrate_BooksI am disappointed with myself that I did not sign up to interview someone for BBAW. I felt like maybe I was too new, although in retrospect that seems like just the reason to join in the interviews! Alas, it’s a bit too late for that, so I spent all morning reading other people’s interviews (which were all wonderful) and kicking myself for not signing up. Then I saw that guatami tripathy from interviewed herself and I though, hey, why not? This is the perfect opportunity to share some additional information about myself.

Where did I get the name for my blog? n80100240_30206802_1490

I am an animal lover and have quite a few pets at home: Lola and Georgia, my two dogs, and three cats named Milo , Fiona and Charlie. Lola was my first pet that I had all on my own (she’s a black and white Chihuahua and now almost seven and a half years old)—I got her as a graduation present to myself when I graduated high school. Around that time, I joined an online forum, and when I had to come up with a name, I incorporated the name Lola. Since then, it’s kind of stuck and it’s my go to name whenever I need an internet identity.

Why did I start a book reviewing blog?

As you can see, I have only had this blog for a month now. Previously, I reviewed all my books on a reading forum called (where incidentally, my user name does NOT involve the name Lola, but instead is Wells83) where I have my own reading blog. I started it only as a way to keep track of the books I’ve read and my initial thoughts on each book as I finished it. My reviews on that site were a lot less in depth, partially because I didn’t feel the same sense of responsibility that I do now. And readership of that blog was minimal. Then I stumbled on the book blogging world—I remember it began with The Literate Housewife’s blog but I can’t remember how I found it. And since that point, I have been totally captivated in the book blogging community.

Have your reading habits changed at all since you started a book blog?

Since I began this particular blog, yes, just a bit. I know it hasn’t been but a month, but there have been subtle changes. I have already started receiving review copies of books, so my horizons have expanded a bit because I’ve been reading books that I probably never would have picked up before. And that’s definitely been a good thing, because so far I’ve enjoyed all the review copies I’ve been sent. I also spend a little more time reading than before—I already read a lot before I started this blog, but I’ve made quite the effort to stay on top of my TBR pile, that I read even more now. Plus, I think I ask different questions to myself as I’m reading now. Since I know I’ll be writing a review and I know others will be reading it, I make mental notes to discuss certain themes and such as I’m reading, which I generally didn’t do before my blog.

What is the ONE book you would take on a deserted island?

As any bookworm will answer, this is a hard question. How to choose just one? I came to the conclusion long ago that if, for some reason, I were to be stuck in this predicament, the one book I would bring is Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind. There are a few reasons for my choice, one of which is that it’s one of my favorite books of all time. Another reason is the sheer length; it would keep me occupied for much longer than, say, Of Mice and Men, another wonderful book. And thirdly, I have never been so involved with a love story in my life. There is something about Rhett and Scarlett’s magnetism that kidnaps my attention in a way that seem forceful.

What genres do you generally read?

I prefer to stick with literary fiction.  In a way I think that embodies a large category of books.  I also will read non-fiction, memoirs, some YA, and the occasional chick lit.  I like to try to branch out though, which is why I think the challenges that are so prevalent in the blogging community are wonderful; many of them involve stepping out of your comfort zone a bit.  So ideally, I would love to sign up for more challenges but at this point I’m trying not to overload myself.

So there you go—a Q&A with myself. Kind of strange, I’ll admit, but oh well.


3 Responses

  1. I find talking to yourself, and especially questioning yourself, to be amazingly healthy! And I now have the image of a dog (Lola) reading and reviewing books which is awesome. 🙂

  2. I find nothing wrong in talking to myself. I do it all the times.

    Therefore I had fun interviewing myself.

    I loved yours too. Good to know more about you.

  3. I interviewed myself too because I didn’t sign up for the very same reason as you! I’m just a newbie and I didn’t want the cool kids to think I was lame for getting in on their fun week! I’ve gotten over it though!

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