TSS: Falling into Fall

TSSbadge1Ah, there is nothing more enticing than fall when it comes to reading.  I don’t know what it is; perhaps the coziness of being curled up with a good book as the weather outside gets colder.  The arrival of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte is a definite plus.  I love getting one every once in awhile as a special treat and I cannot think of a better way to enjoy one than with a good book in hand.

This weekend I got two special fall items from Target.  The first was a big jug of caramel apple cider.  Yes, you read that right--caramel apple cider.  Now this may not be a new product, who knows, but I, for one, have never seen such a thing in stores, so I was thrilled.  I have had cup after cup of this stuff, heated in the microwave, and it is delicious.  For anyone that loves Starbucks’ Caramel Apple Cider, this tasted exactly the same (can you tell I’m a Starbucks fanatic??).  The other item, I am somewhat ashamed to admit, was a pair of fleece, footie pajamas.  Ok, fine.  Make that two pairs.  I’ve been wearing them all night and I don’t know that there is anything more comfortable on earth.  So, yes, I have been curled up for awhile now with my book, sipping some caramel apple cider, while lounging in my footie pajamas.  I think it is obvious now why I love fall.

Speaking of fall, today is my second Sunday of my short story portion of the RIP IV challenge (I also finished one book for the challenge too).

rip4shortI only read one story, but it was a good one: “Death by Landscape”, by Margaret Atwood.  It can be found in the anthology Mistresses of the Dark: 25 Macabre Tales by Master Storytellers.  It was the first story in the book and I figured, What the heck, I love Margaret Atwood.  Why not start with this one?  It was a good choice.  Lois is sent to an all girls summer camp ever summer from the age of nine until the age of thirteen.  The story took place many, many decades ago, and while Lois finds herself loathing camp at first, by the time the summer that she is 13 rolls around, she very much anticipates camp.  She has made a friend, Lucy, there and they have written to each other the past two winters.  Lucy is a bit unattainable to Lois; she seems to have it all.  Unfortunately, by that summer, Lucy’s life has started unraveling and she no longer seems to have the perfect life.  Lois is not too perceptive to all this, still choosing to see all that Lucy has as opposed to all she doesn’t have, but Lucy’s grief is unveiled a bit for the reader.  water-rock

At one point during camp, Lois and Lucy’s cabin goes for a week long canoe ride in the areas around their camp.  One day, during the canoe trip, Lois and Lucy are standing alone atop a big bluff and Lucy makes mention of jumping into the water below.  It is a far drop, and Lois tells Lucy that she must be out of her mind.  The exchange doesn’t seem like an issue to Lois and she walked off to allow Lucy some privacy to use the bathroom.  Seconds later, she hears a shriek that she describes as not being born out of fear, but rather a scream of surprise.  Lois runs back to where she just left her friend, but Lucy has vanished.  Searches in the water as well as on land turn up nothing, and Lucy’s disappearance is never resolved.  Lois, as well as the reader, never discovers whether Lucy jumped into the water out of despair, whether she was pushed in by someone or something, or whether her vanishing had absolutely nothing to do with entering the water.  lois lives the rest of her life haunted by the fact that she never had any knowledge of what happened to her friend.

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  1. Sounds like a great little story. I hadn’t heard of Mistresses of the Dark, will have to try and find a copy. Happy reading!

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