Weekly Geeks

WG Book Pile URL_thumb[3]So, Weekly Geeksters, tell us, do you have a collection, (or are you starting a collection,) of one particular book title? If so, what’s your story? Why that book, and how many do you have, and what editions are they? Share pictures and give us all the details.

Or perhaps you dream about starting such a collection. What title would it be and what would it take for you to get motivated to start collecting?

Or maybe it’s the works of a particular author you collect (or want to collect) instead a certain book title?

Personally, I don’t have one single title that I collect.  I don’t really see the point in that, truthfull.  It’s just not me.  For one, I admit I’m not much of a re-reader, even when it comes to my favorite books.  There are just so many titles I want to read that I can’t bear to go back and read something over again.  Secondly, why more than one copy, even if you do read a book numerous times?
There are some subjects that I collect books on, like the subject of Charles Manson.  I have 5-6 books on the Manson murders, all stemming from my reading of Helter Skelter, by Vincent Bugliosi.  I just find the Manson family to be intriguing, as well as creepy, for obvious reasons.
I also have quite a few books that have to do with Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind, possibly my favorite book ever, if I could only pick just one.  I have a few biographies on Margaret Mitchell, as well as the two sequels Rhett Butler’s People and Scarlett.  The only one I declined to add to my library was Alice Randall’s The Wind Done Gone, which I had to put down midway through because I found it both confusing and atrocious.  I also have a really cool book with tons of pictures and descriptions of the lifestyles during that time period.
Please feel free to add a comment regarding any collections you might own!

3 Responses

  1. I own both of Mitchell’s books but have yet to read them. I know I will soon though (at least i hope so).

  2. I keep meaning to see Gone With the Wind, but I never have. I like the idea of collecting books on a subject. Interesting.

    My Weekly Geeks is about various Alice in Wonderland books with illustrations. Happy Weekly Geeks!

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