BTT: Booking Through Thursday

What’s the best book you’ve read recently?

(Tell me you didn’t see this one coming?)

n252254 In looking through the last few books I’ve read, the most recent one that I would consider one of the best (at least so far this year), is My Sister, My Love: The Intimate Story of Skyler Rampike, by Joyce Carol Oates.  This is not the first time Oates has taken a sensational, true life situation and fictionalized it with her own twist.  My Sister, My Love is based on the murder of beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey and told from the viewpoint of the older brother (in this case, instead of the siblings being Burke and Jonbenet Ramsey, they are Skyler and Bliss Rampike).  As in reality, the Rampike family quickly came under suspicion, with Skyler being a suspect himself.  However, the book takes great literary license in painting the picture of a morally depraved family.  While Jonbenet’s murder has never been solved, Oates does make clear in the ending of the book who killed Bliss Rampike.

For those of you who enjoyed Blonde, Oates’ fictionalized account of the life of Marilyn Monroe, My Sister, My Love is right up there alongside it.

Feel free to leave a comment about the best book you’ve read recently!

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