Weekly Geeks

Week of August 15, 2009

There have been times in my life where I reread a book (or author) I hated–or thought I hated–but the second time around ended up loving. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever changed your mind about a book or author the second time around? Have you ever given a book or author a second chance?

If you have, I’d love to hear your stories. Blog about your experience(s) in giving second chances.

If you haven’t, I’d like you to consider giving a book or an author a second chance. You can blog about your intentions to do so–or if you’re a quick reader, maybe you can even squeeze something in!

Can’t think of a single book or author? Don’t worry, you can stretch this one to include movies or music if you prefer.

It is just very interesting to me how time can change tastes and perceptions. How subjective the reading experience is and always will be.

Leave your answers (links) in the comments!

One author that comes to mind right away is Joyce Carol Oates.  In high school (we’re probably talking about ten years ago), I read We Were the Mulvaneys.  I’m not kidding when I say I absolutely loathed it.  I’m fairly certain I tried numerous times to get through it and just never could.  I can’t pinpoint what my problem was, since it was quite a long time ago, but I think I found it boring.  Since then, I have read a handful of books by Oates and loved them all.  Mulvaneys could have just been a fluke on the part of the author, but I’m pretty convinced that I just wasn’t mature enough at that point in my life to appreciate her prose.  Everyone’s reading tastes evolve, and I’m no exception.  I purchased We Were the Mulvaneys within the past few months and plan on rereading it sometime soon to see if my feelings have changed.

The situation described above though is virtually a one-time circumstance.  I rarely reread books because there are so many new titles I want to read, so they chances of me rereading a book a didn’t like the first time around are slim to none.


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